How to Get Sponsored Posts

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how to get sponsored posts

If you are reading this post I assume you have been blogging long enough to at least know what a sponsored post is, hee hee.  You may want to do sponsored posts, but you need to know how to get sponsored posts.  There are lots of opportunities out there if you know where to look.

how to get sponsored posts

How to Get Sponsored Posts

  • Work with Media Companies to Get Sponsored Posts

I would say that this is the easiest way to get started with sponsored posts, especially for newer bloggers.  Media Companies work with brands who want to advertise via bloggers.  These Media Companies act as a liason, if you will, between you and the brand.

There are LOTS of media companies out there for bloggers to sign up with.  You need to sign up as a content creator for quite a few media companies.  The more opportunities you have to apply for, the more likely you are to eventually start getting work.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accepted to every single media company.  Each company has it’s own rules and criteria.  You will find the media companies that are a good fit for your blog and your niche.

The great thing about most media companies is that you will get paid CASH for your sponsored work.  This may be cash in addition to free product!  (this makes me smile and do a happy dance :))

how to get sponsored posts

  • Work Directly With Brands

I believe that YOU are the expert for YOUR blog!  You know what your readers have an interest in and what they couldn’t care less about.  I say go for it….REACH out to that brand that calls to you and your readers.

When you reach out to a brand directly you should start with trying to contact their marketing director or media specialist.  Each company has it’s own title for this position.  You want to talk to the person who handles the public relations stuff.

I always advise being honest about what you are seeking.  Tell them about your audience and how partnering with you will help get the word out about their products!  Make your letter personal…you definitely don’t want to sound like a form letter or you will go straight in the garbage.

If you can show them an example of a sponsored post you have done, I would include that for sure!  SHOW OFF your work!!

  • Connect With Other Bloggers

I have a great group of blogging friends.  There is a lot of awesome sharing that goes on among our group.  We let each other know about sponsored opps that may be of interest to someone else.

Connections within the blogging community is one of the best ways to reach your goal of doing sponsored posts.  Other bloggers can help you figure out how to get sponsored posts too.  We are a LOVING community and we want to help each other succeed.

Facebook groups are a great way to start meeting other bloggers.  Just start doing some Facebook group searches and you will find a multitude of choices.

how to get sponsored posts

So, have I helped you figure out how to get sponsored posts?  What is your DREAM brand connection as a blogger?  What is your favorite media company to do sponsored posts for?  Be sure to leave me a comment when you get your first gig (um…sponsored post, heh)!!  Also…let me know what your FAVORITE tip is for getting sponsored posts!!

how to get sponsored posts

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