Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Child Graduating

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No matter how old your child is, graduation is one of the most exciting times for them and for you as a parent. Not only will you feel unbelievable amounts of pride that your child has managed to get to this point, but they will feel excited to be able to celebrate such a milestone with their friends.

As a parent, watching your child graduate from anything, whether that be high school or even kindergarten, can make you feel things you didn’t know you could feel. A child graduating is the sum of their achievements and their wins over the year, so there are so many things that you could be doing to make sure that your graduate feels special.

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They deserve it after all the hard work that they’ve put in, whether that be for studying for exams or winning trophies in sports. Let’s take a look at some of the fun ways that you can celebrate your child graduating.

Have a small party at home before the actual graduation ceremony

Make sure to gather their closest family and have a party for them at home before you go and watch them throw their cap. You could invest in some glass trophies to be able to hand one to them for them to keep and you can even have these engraved, and engraved glass trophy that showcases your child’s graduation is a memento that they’re going to be able to keep and it’s a physical example of the pride that you feel for them.

Your child has just managed to achieve something completely amazing, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve gone the distance with education or not, graduation is a huge deal for your child.

Get dressed up

Your graduate deserves to be pampered. Boy or girl, they should be taken to have their hair done and buy a new outfit for their day. Yes, they will be wearing a black gown over the top of their graduation outfit, but afterwards, when they’re partying with friends, they deserve to feel great.

If you are celebrating your daughter, take her to get her hair and her nails done before taking her outfit shopping. Make it an event where you go together to go and choose something beautiful to wear. Getting dressed up is half the fun, and you get to dress up too.

Put signs up in front of the house

How proud are you of your graduate? Putting a banner or a wooden sign up that your child has graduated from their class in high school or university is going to show the entire world that you’re proud of your graduate. They could accomplish something big by getting through school, and the world deserves to know about it.

Make sure that you put the class of whichever year they’re graduating and stick it out on your front lawn and let everybody see it. They’ll feel extra special and probably a little bit embarrassed knowing everyone who drives down the street will know what they’ve accomplished, but that doesn’t matter.

You’re the parent here and you’ve managed to get them to this particular point and that’s exciting for you as much as it is for them.

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Set up a little drive-by parade

Did your graduate feel like they were never going to get here? If that’s the case, make sure that you get all of their friends and family to line the street as you drive them to graduation, cheering with banners, balloons, and as many party poppers as you can find. Everybody can let off horns and start cheering and set off confetti cannons because you’re about to do something huge.

Not only will you create this core memory for them, but it will allow them to see how many people support them through this. If you’re celebrating a High School graduate especially, and they’re about to go far away for college, you want them to know that they are loved.

Pop the champagne

As soon as that cap gets thrown into the air, pop a bottle of champagne and start sending out the flutes. In this case, you want to make sure that your graduate has some sparkling fruit juice because champagne won’t be for them. But as a parent, you’ve managed to go 18 whole years to get your child to graduation, and you deserve a glass of champagne.

Hire a photographer 

If you want to celebrate your child graduating in style, make sure that you have your own photographer to take some photos outside of the university’s photos. They may be hiring their cap and gown, but you can have your own pictures taken with the whole family outside of the graduation ceremony. Everybody will be smiling and happy, and it’s the best way to capture that.

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