Eating-out with a 1-year old with allergies

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There’s only one way to say it: eating out with a 1-years old sucks–especially if she has food allergies. Except at some restaurants, five of which I have found to be absolutely spectacular. So get your diaper bag ready and head over to one of these places for a nice dinner, lunch or just a snack…You won’t be disappointed.

Ghengis Grill. Not only is the Mongolian reasonably priced, self-deprecatingly fun, and very allergy-friendly, but they totally cater to their tiny-one in the highchair. When politely asked (because politeness goes a long way when your kiddo is hollering for food during the lunch rush), the Ghengis Grill folks provided Little Miss with a tiny bowl of her own that I was able to fill to the brim with her favorites–fresh tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and baby corn. And they did this for free. No questions asked. How awesome!


Springcreek BBQ. Again, this was totally an accidental find, but Springcreek absolutely caters to the tots! Starting from the moment we walked in the door, Little Miss was the star of the show. We were able to plop her into a highchair at the door and zoom her around to the line-which she thought was just the bomb. While in the line, she was unable to reach out and grab anything-thank goodness, and I was able to get the fellas behind the chopping block to give us a roll for her immediately.

Hard 8 BBQ. One word: bones. Toddlers love bones. Like the tiny cave-men and -women they are, a good rib bone is like THE BEST.


Buffalo Wild Wings. Toys on the table (also available for fidgety 12-year olds). How cool is that?! Need I say more?


Chuy’s. This is Tex-Mex on a mission of yummy-mercy. They are fun, funny and a lot of awesome for babies. Especially during happy hour Mondays through Thursdays when they have FREE nacho trunk! Little Miss can have some nacho meat and her big brother can have a nacho. Immediately, which is best for them both…

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