Dear Moms: Let’s Upgrade Our Experience {we’re worth it}

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I love this mom's call for all of us moms to upgrade our experience--so simple, but so important! LOL!

As a mother of little ones, I tend to put myself last, more often than not. Being a mom is a wonderful adventure that is SO easy to get lost in! A couple of weeks ago, though, I looked in the mirror and wondered exactly when I stopped making my quality of life a priority. I realized that my family will always rank highest on my list, but I also realized that I am allowed to focus on myself sometimes. Dear Moms: Let’s Upgrade Our Experience {because we’re worth it}.

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Dear Moms: Let’s Upgrade Our Experience {because we’re worth it}

Moms, I get it, there are times that a day isn’t long enough to fit it all in. I understand that sometimes, we do have to put ourselves last, for every “good” reason in the book. A trip to the spa or a girls night out isn’t always a possibility, but do you know what is? Upgrading an experience in your life. From the little things that bring you great pleasure; like a great cup of coffee, to the way you see the world around you as a contact lens wearer. Upgrading the experience is always worth it in the end. And, mamma, trust me, you have earned these upgraded experiences!

For me, it started with investing in a great coffee pot and realizing I am totally worth the couple extra dollars a great blend costs over the store brand. While making coffee at home might not sound like an upgrade, when you spend your days chasing little ones and your nights getting up over and over again to replace pacifiers, making great coffee a daily thing is totally a big step in the direction of living your best life.

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Kind of like making the switch years ago to a different contact solution helped my eyes be more comfortable, that good cup of coffee (and the 2 minutes I have to savor it every morning), has really made a huge difference for me. As a contact lens wearer, I want to keep my contacts in great condition, but I also don’t want to spend a lot of time caring for them (because–MOM! LOL!), so that’s why I have been using CLEAR CARE® PLUS  for years. CLEAR CARE® PLUS uses this awesome bubbling, cleaning and disinfecting power that comes from hydrogen peroxide.  And being able to depend on your contacts, thanks to great care, is totally an upgrade for your life too.

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How have you made an upgrade in your life? Did you get a suite instead of a standard hotel room? Did you make a home renovation or update a piece of equipment in your home? I would love to hear all about it! Just hit me up on Facebook! And don’t forget to share this post…it’s for ALL moms that need an upgrade!

I love this mom's call for all of us moms to upgrade our experience--so simple, but so important! LOL!

Thank you for sharing!

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