Colossal Campfire Burger

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We decided to go camping this weekend and decided to make this Colossal Campfire Burger. It’s huge–so huge it fed all 4 of us…and it was so good I couldn’t wait to share.

For real, we had a little last-minute camping trip we took and were less than prepared.

So we stopped at the store on the way to the campsite (yay!) so that we had something to feed the kids and ourselves.

While I was standing there, I had this amazing idea for this Colossal Campfire Burger.

So huge it can feed 4-6 people (depending on appetite) and it’s packed with all your favorite yummies.

Dude, this is definitely THE burger for camping.

Mostly, because this Colossal Campfire Burger is so easy to put together and so simple, it’s like the perfect camping food.

Check out this quick slideshow video I made of how to put this bad boy together–you’ll see just how simple it is.


Perfectly easy and kind of fun.

The kids got a kick out of making this Colossal Campfire Burger and I kind of did too.

It was so big–but so cool.

Are you digging the idea of this Colossal Campfire Burger for your next camp-out?

Dude. Do it.

And be sure to pin this to your favorite camping ideas board on Pinterest, that way you can find it super quick when it’s go-time.

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Colossal Campfire Burger

Colossal Campfire Burger

We decided to go camping this weekend and decided to make this Colossal Campfire Burger. It's huge--so huge it fed all 4 of us...and it was so good I couldn't wait to share.


  • 2 pounds ground beef
  • Kosher sea salt
  • Garlic pepper seasoning
  • Hamburger toppings like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo, etc.)


  1. Start by making certain your ground beef is defrosted completely. Once it's thawed, it's time to start making your giant burgers.
  2. Each hamburger patty is 1 pound each. To not overwork the meat, take each pound of meat out of the package and form into a patty, with as little working as possible.
  3. (tip - place a thump print slightly in the center of each patty. This helps to avoid shrinkage of the meat)
  4. Season each side of your two patties with your sea salt and garlic pepper seasoning. (use your judgment here, but season enough so that you'll be able to taste it)
  5. Once seasoned, set aside.
  6. Move forward with starting your campfire using sticks, or charcoal briquettes. You want your campfire to be hot to cook the large burgers evenly.
  7. We always use a bbq grill grate and place it over the campfire to help cook. (We place a couple around the hot fire to help balance the grill and keep it directly out of the fire)
  8. For this recipe, wrap the campfire bbq grill grate with aluminum foil. (it helps control flare-upOnce your campfire is hot, place your burgers directly on the aluminum foil.
  9. You'll hear them sizzle, knowing that they are cooking,
  10. To help cook the patties evenly and quickly, you will need to create an aluminum foil "tent" over the top trapping in the heat even more. With how thick and large these burgers are, this is important.
  11. Once your burgers are done on one side, flip them so that the other side cooks evenly.
  12. As they are nearing being finished, place your cheese on top of both patties.
  13. Cook your burgers all the way through, then pull them off the grill grate.
  14. Cut your bun in half (we used a Hawaiian bread loaf - see picturand decided to grill it to give it a crunch. We placed directly on the grill grate for about 30 seconds.
  15. Have your toppings ready to create an epic colossal burger!
  16. Putting the onion on the bottom part of the bun is a great barrier from the juice of the meats but it's up to you on what toppings you want to use!

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