The Ducks are Standing-up for Better Toilet Paper

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OMG! The ducks are rising up for better toilet paper! Worse than the Zombie Apocalypse! Except with toilet paper. Heh.

There’s at least one product that everyone uses: toilet paper. At a glance it’s all the same, I mean, you guys know what toilet paper is used for…erhem…It seems pretty basic, wipe, flush, wash up and done. But, really toilet paper is not so cut and dry. (heh). There are so many variables to consider when tossing a pack into your shopping cart! And, friends, the ducks aren’t standing for this anymore. The ducks are uniting against the atrocity of not getting the holy-grail of great price, high quality and generous package size. Dudes, the Ducks are Standing-up for Better Toilet Paper. Will you?

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The Ducks are Standing-up for Better Toilet Paper

The ducks are just tired of us throwing the cheapest toilet paper in the basket, disregarding quality–and they’re sick of us buying one quality roll for the price of 8 “regular” rolls. No, they won’t take it anymore. So, they demand we make the switch. They demand Charmin Essentials. Because, frankly, the ducks care about our bums as much as we do.

Who’d have thought?! Better toilet paper?!

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My ducks expressed their outrage with a sit-in on the floor of our downstairs bathroom. Their peaceful protest convinced my family to test a new toilet paper by Charmin and let me tell you guys something: the ducks were right. This new Charmin Essentials booty-tissue really illustrates that, when it comes to toilet paper, there are MAJOR differences between brands! Apparently, the ducks were onto something…there is a better toilet paper. Who knew?!

So, let me give you the scoop on this new line (because although they’re insistent, the ducks have a hard time communicating what they want, really, since they’re inanimate and all, heh). Charmin Essentials Soft was comparable to our old standard brand of toilet paper and best of all–priced just right, totally comparable to your other “soft” toilet papers. This is great because we could use a great product without compromising on price or quality.

We're in trouble now, the ducks are staging a revolution for better toilet paper. And they're winning. Heh.

If your ducks are organizing themselves for protest, but you feel the need for a chance to sample roll of Charmin Essentials before taking the plunge, no worries! You can request a sample roll of Charmin Essentials and they will gladly send you one (whoop, whoop!) to swap for a roll of Angel Soft® or Scott® 1000 TP. Simply Tweet your TP swap-out request to @Charmin using the hashtag #CharminEssentials and #Promotion then Charmin will send you a free roll of this better toilet paper. Keep in mind this offer is only valid while supplies last! Check out the full terms and conditions here.

Have you tried the new Charmin Essentials yet? What did your family think of it? Did your ducks convince you to make the switch? Drop me a line in the comments below or find me on Facebook! LOL!

OMG! The ducks are rising up for better toilet paper! Worse than the Zombie Apocalypse! Except with toilet paper. Heh.

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