30 Star Wars Books Every Kid Needs this Christmas

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This post contains affiliate links. It’s so weird to think that a new Star Wars is coming out this December. I mean, it was like yesterday that I was born and one had already come out. Then just a few minutes back, they were releasing the prequels while I was in high school. Time flies … Read more

Homemade Choco Taco – Dairy Free

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So, this past couple of weeks with the sick kiddo just really had me down. I needed pick-me-up STAT. In my childhood, when things were belgh, I always turned to the Choco Taco, but since learning of my dairy issue (took me like 25 years to figure it out), I’ve stopped chowing on those things. … Read more

Rainbow Bagels

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Not for the faint of heart: Rainbow Bagels. Yeah, Rainbow. Freakin’. Bagels. Takes 2 days to make, but at the end you have Rainbow Bagels. Swoon. Why Rainbow Bagels You Ask Let’s be honest here, I’m a little nuts. Things tend to creep up on me and then BAM, I’m suddenly learning how to parasail … Read more

Eggless & Dairy-free Cake Batter Dip

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I am totally bent out of shape this week. My littlest is teething (her first tooth) and she’s never, ever fussy, but THIS week, she’s like a non-stop fuss-train on the way to fussy-ville. It’s been crazy. My other daughter (the middle kiddo) is totally over her bout of pneumonia, so her energy levels are … Read more

Brain Matter Soda Pop Halloween Drink {Allergy-Friendly}

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My son asked for a special drink for his Halloween party at school. I racked my brain to come up with had already thought I might bring this awesome Brain Matter Soda Pop Halloween Drink. I made it the day I made the lime sherbet last week. Not only was it a truly tasty drink, it … Read more