Blogger Burnout? Yep, It’s Real

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Burnout happens in many areas of life, even in blogging.  If you are a blogger and you haven’t experienced blogger burnout yet…you probably haven’t been blogging very long, LOL!  I am living proof that blogger burnout is real! It is no fun either.  So let’s get real and talk about how to know if you’ve got the burn.

Blogger Burnout?  Yep, It’s Real.

  • If housework sounds more fun then blogging then I may have blogger burnout.  You heard me right.  If I am sitting at my computer wishing I was cleaning the toilet…I am burned out baby!
  • When I realize I have been sitting still for 30 minutes trying to think of a decent blog post title…only to forget what I was writing about in the first place….I have blogger burnout.
  • When I can’t remember a simple blogging term to save my life.  H2 title, say what?  Yep, that’s a sure sign that I may be approaching burnout stage.
  • If I am making up every excuse in the book to avoid finishing that sponsored post.  Rake the leaves in the yard when it is only 30 degrees outside?  Sure!  I must be getting burned out.

  • If I would rather gouge my eyes out rather then schedule this week’s pins on Pinterest.  Could be that I am getting blogger burnout.
  • One of my posts is really hot and I am not doing a happy dance or checking google analytics every hour.  BURNED OUT.
  • The neighbors down the street can hear me SIGH when I find out about another new social media that I am going to have to get familiar with.  This blogger is burning up with burnout.
  • When all I want to do is binge watch any and every show on Netflix to avoid setting up next month’s editorial calendar.  I think that is a sign I am burned out!

I think I have given some good examples of how blogger burnout is real.  If I had the time (and wasn’t burned out, lol) I could make a list of 100 examples.  🙂  I have experienced burnout in other jobs, as a wife and yes, even as a mother.  Now I can complete that list by saying I have been burned out as a blogger.  It happens and YES I will get over it!

What is your best burnout story?  I am sure most bloggers have one, if they are being honest!  Why don’t you help a burned out blogger by PINNING this post so you can have a laugh at my expense later!

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