An Easy End of School Year Party

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My son happily informs me the other morning as I’m driving him to school that there are only 3 Mondays left. Only 3 Mondays left until my little boy becomes a Freshman and can officially leave behind the idea of being “little” forever. I decided to make this last year special–and throw him An Easy End of School Year Party for himself and a couple of friends. And myself. And my husband. Because this is a thing for all of us–we’re all making a transition to High School and it’s really something to celebrate. Heh.

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*Please note: drinks shown are non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated sodas. Because this is a party for CHILDREN.

Activities for An Easy End of School Year Party

  • Sidewalk Chalk and a Big Porch (this could be the last time my little boy wants to draw smiley faces and rainbows on the concrete–I’m going to make the most of it)
  • Party Poppers (I don’t normally go for these things, but this is a celebration–he’s only going to have the last day of middle school one time in his life)

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Food for An Easy End of School Year Party

  • Crunchkins™ . The star of our party was TOTALLY the yummy Crunchkins™ dessert-flavored poppers you can find at Walmart at checkout. They have a creamy coating and a light crunchy center…in three fabulous flavors (each better than the last): Birthday Cake, Fudge Brownie and Glazed Donut. We all know which one is my favorite. My son, though? The Birthday Cake. He only ate the Birthday Cake ones…traded me for Glazed Donut ones…heh.
  • Unicorn Popcorn. Totally made it the day before and been munching on it since–so good with a little Crunchkins™  tossed on top.
  • Animal Cupcakes. Because we all need a little elephant or lion in our life. Heh.
  • Sodas. Because, I mean, the drinks have to be non-alcoholic because we’re doing this party for children. Caffeine free ones because that would just be wrong, too. These are still children we’re talking about. We don’t want them drinking anything to make them MORE excited about the end of the school year! LOL!

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Decorations for An Easy End of School Year Party

  • Cheap Rainbow Polkadot Table Cloth
  • Rainbow Balloons or Fans
  • Rainbow Tissue Tassels for a Banner
  • Curling Ribbon in Lots of Colors

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So, will you be tossing-together a simple, easy end of the year party for your kiddos this year? Leave me a comment below or find me on Facebook! I’d really love to hear how yours turns-out!

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