Why I Hold My Baby for Naps – And It’s Great

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I love this mom's thoughts on why she holds her baby for naptime. It's so sweet that she's cuddling for all the right reasons.

A long time ago, I made the decision that changed the routine of our days. I made the much more pleasant for all of us by doing this one thing–holding my baby during her naptime. My lovelies, I think this was probably the smartest choice I ever made–and definitely made me a happier parent in the end. Why I Hold My Baby for Naps is kind of a big deal and I’ll be forever thankful that I had the opportunity to hold her. why should you hold your baby when they are napping feature This is not meant to be advice, just more like “this is what I do”. I think lots of people find it easier to put their babies down in the cradle or bassinet and do some cleaning–which I did a couple of times with my older daughter. But, well, I have some very specific reason Why I Hold My Baby for Naps. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. why I hold my baby for naps -- and it's great fb

Why I Hold My Baby for Naps – And Its Great

  • Bonding with My Baby. Every moment I hold her–awake or asleep, I am bonding with her, firming-up the connection between us. So that, when things get tough (like when she becomes a teenager and won’t cuddle under her favorite Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Plush Blanket with me), we’ll be able to weather the storm better.
  • Relaxation. I need that 2 hours (YES!) to chill and just unwind. Its fine with me if it’s only an hour, or even 30 minutes. But that time is better even than having a massage. Rejuvenating on every level.

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  • Bonding with My Toddler. Yeah, we started with breastfeeding the baby being a bonding experience with my toddler–and now it’s progressed to nap time.  We all three share in the moment, cuddling with the binkie and sometimes our favorite plush, Eeyore.
  • Longer Naps. Ok, so if I put baby down, she’ll sleep for about 30 minutes. But if I hold her, I get 2 hours sometimes, and that pretty regularly. So, yeah, I’ll take holding her and a long daytime nap with all these great benefits over a 30 minute quickie where I can do a couple chores.

benefits of holding your baby while they nap sq One thing that really helps make her naps just so much fun is her blankie. We picked-out this Minnie Mouse blanket from the Disney Baby at Walmart blanket selection and now it’s her favorite. We play peek-a-boo with it, she sleeps with it–she even gnaws on it when she’s teething…little cutie. And I was so excited to hold her in it this Mother’s Day, since last year she was in the hospital…And, there’s the crux of Why I Hold My Baby for Naps – And Its Great. I am getting those moments that I lost while she was brand new. should I put my baby down when she naps random2 Do you have any special moments you share with your baby or child that you wouldn’t give up for the world? Drop me a line in the comments below to let me know!

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