A Cool Trick for Bloggers to Get Email Subscribers

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The coolest trick I’ve found to help bloggers gain more subscribers to their email lists. Seriously simple and kind of fun, it’s a genius way to connect with people that love what you’re blogging about. Let’s rock this Cool Trick for Bloggers to Get Email Subscribers.

I know I don’t do blogging stuff on here very often, but sometimes I find something that is just so great I can’t help but share.

This time, it’s an amazing program that does the one thing I just don’t feel like I can tackle with a typical Wordpress blog without a little help.

Cool Trick for Bloggers to Get Email Subscribers

It’s called Interact and it’s basically a quiz builder on crack.

The setup is simple, you just open the dashboard, go through the handy-dandy templates to figure out exactly what you want your quiz to ask–how it looks even; then you grab the embed code.

Once you build a post or page for it to go to, you drop the embed code inside and yuo’re done.


Want a little more in-depth tour of how it works?

Cool, because I made a video.

Now, wanna take the quiz yourself and find out which Mexican Food Dish Is Your Patronus? Because, yeah, that’s the kind of awesomeness I’m talking about here.


In all seriousness, this is the kind of email-subscriber list you WANT to build–a segment specifically interested in your niche (which, since my top post has been Shredded Chicken Street Tacos for like 9million years now, seems like Mexican Food is kind of my niche), and that are interested in engaging.

Because, someone interested in which Mexican Food Dish is their soul-mate is probably also interested in the other bajillionty Mexican recipes I throw out on the blog.

And since they’re interested in engaging for the quiz, instead of opting in for a free printable coloring page (which is actually my secondary niche, not my primary), that means there’s a potential interest in things actually related to the Mexican food recipes.

As opposed to my current list which is primarily based on free coloring page downloadables.

Those people only want more free downloadable coloring pages, let’s be honest.

And that’s not at all related to Mexican food or unicorn crafts or anything else that I write about–except for the occasional adult coloring page.


So, see why I love the quiz? It’s not a free download, so it’s attracting a different segment of my audience to interact–that isn’t looking for adult coloring pages.



That was a lot more in-depth than I expected to go. But surely the benefit to building your email subscribers list is obvious.

So, hit Interact up if you’re a blogger interested in building quizzes.

Also, Don’t forget to pin this, so other bloggery-buddies out there can find it and we can rule the email-list-world with

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