5 Ways I’ll ACTUALLY Reach My Goals This Year

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We’re two weeks into the new year! Anyone remember the resolutions they set?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

See, I used to set resolutions every single year.

They were always super unrealistic and I never made it more than a week into January without completely giving up.

So what makes this year any different?

Well lucky for me, I’ve learned.

I’ve set a few goals to help me totally own it in 2018, and today I’m sharing with you 5 ways I’ll ACTUALLY reach those goals this year!

5 Ways I’ll ACTUALLY Reach My Goals This Year

Okay, but first, what the heck are my goals?

Because it would kind of be lame if I told you I was totally going to own it this year and reach my goals, but didn’t tell you what I was actually doing.

So here goes.

This year I will:

  1. Eat Breakfast Every Day. (Diets are out, confidence is in!)
  2. Drink Water Before Any Caffeine.
  3. Take a Walk With the Kids Each Day.
  4. Read for 20 Minutes Before Bed. (Ideally, I’ll finish a book a month, but we’ll see how fast I read!)

So now that we know what it is I’ll be doing, how am I going to make sure that I actually get that stuff done?

Make it Flipping Easy

Here’s the thing. Unless you make it crazy easy on yourself, you won’t reach your goals.

I read once that people can only make a set number of decisions per day. Once you’ve made that many, you’ve completely lost your willpower.

So make it super easy to reach your goals, and you won’t use up one of your decisions!

But how do you make it easy to reach your goals?

Well, for my water goal, I make sure that I keep a full water bottle by my bed. That way the second my alarm goes off, I drink some water. Before I even think about coffee!

Or eating breakfast every day, I make sure to keep super quick breakfast options ready in the kitchen so I can grab something yummy before dashing out the door!

Lately, some of my favorites have been Kellogg® Special K® cereals. The Chocolate Delight, Red Berries, and Protein Cereal are my favorites! And with Special K® you can start every morning with a delicious breakfast cereal.

I also grabbed some Special K® Sausage Crustless Quiche and Special K® Sausage, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches the last time I was at Target. Soooo yummy! Plus it just takes a few minutes in the microwave!

Like I said, make it easy!

Make it Super Fun

Lacing up my shoes and going for a walk with the kids each day might never be easy, but I can totally make it super fun!

Some days we pick a game to play, racing or skipping across the sidewalk.

Other days we pick ridiculous questions and chat.

The other day we talked about what inventions we’d like someone to create. It was hilarious.

My eight year old wants to one day invent a jetpack with an attached refrigerator that will serve him pizza as he flies through the air!

Track Progress Daily

Keep track of your progress toward your goals every single day.

This can be as simple as posting on Facebook that you did it or noting it in your planner each day.

You could also get totally fancy-pants and do a pretty Pinterest-worthy bullet journal spread!

Keep an Accountability Partner

If you’re the only person who knows your goals, you’re going to give up on them super fast.

It’s like the old adage… If you’re the only one who knows you ate a pint of ice cream, do the calories really even count?

They do friend, they totally do.

So instead of thinking you’ll keep yourself accountable, do it with a buddy!

Join a Facebook group or text your bestie as you walk out the door with the kids.

Even your spouse can be your accountability partner!

Set Up Rewards

This might be the funnest part!

You’ve got to #treatyoself!

When you reach a goal for a set number of days, reward yourself!

When I walk with my kiddos every day this month, mama’s getting a new pair of shoes.

But beyond that, make the reward part of doing the goal!

I picked up some of these Special K® Brown Sugar Pastry Crisps (A tasty selection of bakery-inspired favorites that will help satisfy your sweetest cravings) and I have one every time I head out for a walk. They’re sweet and tasty, but light enough that I feel good about eating them while walking!

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I'm FINALLY reaching my goals this year! I'm going to #ownit in #2018 and you can too! #goaldigger #breakfast #momgoals

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