5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week

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I love these 5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week! Funny, but they probably build the best confidence...

Ok, so I have a full-fledged teen now. He’s growing hair on his upper lip, folks and I can’t–well, I just can’t get over that. I know it’s hard to say things every day to your teen, like you would a toddler (mostly because the teen is currently hiding in his bedroom insisting he sleep while we’re awake and vice versa). But, when those night-owl teens emerge from the rock they’re hiding under, here’s 5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week (and I’m seriously thinking once a week might be too hard…but we’ll try, shall we?).

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5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week

  • Good job on _____. And find something. Anything that they did that was cool or impressive or whatever. Just let them know, in a subtle way, that you’re proud. Even if it was just about that one thing.
  • You look nice. I don’t care if you hate those black dread locks your kids is sporting or not. Brush them aside if you have to and look past that. Your kid needs to know that they look good to you–even if you don’t agree with their style AND that you can see them for who they are under all that heavy makeup. I still think someone needs to say this to me once a week…and to everyone else on the planet.
  • If you want to talk about anything, I’m here. Enough said. No. Seriously. Say it. Out loud. Do it now. To the kid–not to the screen. 5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week fb
  • It gets better. There’s no sight in end for many teens. High school and hormones and finding themselves is not easy. I had a friend that committed suicide our junior year. I had another friend who was the victim of a drunk-driving accident. These things happen in your teen’s life and you may never know it (I’m not sure if I ever told my mom about the suicide). These are scary, big things–and real life + big things + being a teen = needing encouragement to get past it all.
  • You’re still my baby. Kids love to know that they’re still special to you (even if they say they hate you to your face). You have to remind them sometimes that they still make you squishy inside. I think it’s easier for some parents to say “I love you” but even if you can’t say that (although I’d love to add it to this list, but don’t know if it’s necessary or if I’m just being pushy), saying that “you’re still my baby” I think helps everybody to remember there’s always that 10-lb bundle of joy inside that angry teen (somewhere).

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I know I hid as a teen–does yours? Should I up this to every day? Do you have anything to add to these 5 Things You Should Say to Your Teen Every Week? Lemme know by dropping a line in the comments. It’s an open-forum here…LOL!

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