How My Husband Should Butter Me Up on Mother’s Day (and why)

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I’ve had a rough year. Honestly, I don’t know any mom that hasn’t, but this year…it’s been, well, interesting is just such a useless word…LOL! No, this last year of having 2 babies under 2 and a 13 year old, to boot–it’s been Helluva. Seriously, that’s like the only word to describe it. And, though I love him to pieces, I have a new expectation from my husband this year for Mother’s Day that I’ve never had before. My lovelies, this is How My Husband Should Butter Me Up on Mother’s Day (and why–because the WHY is so important in my case–LOL!).

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How My Husband Should Butter Me Up on Mother’s Day

  1. He needs to buy me a bottle (or a case) of JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay, because, frankly, it melts in your mouth in a beautiful creamy-buttery-tastic way. (I’m just going to go buy a bottle now, just thinking about it–all the hype is right regarding this wine, my lovelies).
  2. He needs to buy at least 5lbs. of crab legs with butter for dipping (garlicy-lemon butter with parsley and a little lemon cup) and have it boiled, on the plate for me–for Mother’s Day breakfast…when you read the “why”, you’ll see why.
  3. He should grill me about 15lbs of big, rare (ok, medium rare) ribeye steak with a thick pad of butter on top–that’s what makes steak taste so magnificent. Because, well, because steak is the best lunch ever.
  4. Speaking of steak, let’s just get it all and he should have a big, giant baked potato to go with all that steak. And I’ll just have that with another glass of Butter Chardonnay. Responsibly, though. Very responsibly.
  5. And he should top it all off with a foot massage with lotion so I’m buttery-smooooooth and all loose and relaxed. And then–maybe then–I’ll be ready for all that next year has in store for me. Heh.

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Why My Husband Should Butter Me Up

As for the why he should butter me up? Here’s my generalized list of just a FEW of the things that have happened in the last year while I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom:

  • Our 2 year-old found the flour in the pantry (that my husband left open) and covered the kitchen. In flour. And I had to clean it up alone–it took 2 hours.
  • Our baby pooped in the shower-and daddy handed her to me (with a smile), not realizing what she’d done–and I ended-up with poop all over me.
  • One day, I changed 16 poopy diapers (that’s 8 per diaper-wearing kiddo) and my husband changed 1 pee diaper…grrr…
  • Another bright day, the baby pooped on me, filling my lap, because dad put the diaper on her sideways (don’t ask).

I could go on and on, but I think you get the drift. I deserve a bottle–nay, a CASE of JaM Cellars Butter Chardonnay, buttered-steak every Friday night, and a foot rub once a day. But knowing my luck, I’ll get another poopy-plosion in my lap. Heh.

This face…this face is why…LOL!

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Ok, a nice glass of Butter Chardonnay would be nice. If that’s all I get, I’ll still be a very happy mommy. Mostly because JaM Cellars uses wickedly-awesome winemaking traditions, making easy-to-love wines–which I love. Heh. Random fact: Did you know that “JaM” is actually short for John and Michele, second-generation vintners–the great folks that own and run JaM Cellars? Their gift is great, everyday wine–and I enjoy said gift. Immensely.

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You can find Butter Chardonnay in a store near you with the JaMCellars WineFinder at select stores across the nation including Wholefoods, Bevmo, Total Wine & More, Kroger and HEB.

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