5 Things to Try When You Get Overwhelmed

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These 5 Things to Try When You Get Overwhelmed are so simple--but kind of brilliant. I will have to pin this for later!

When I got up this morning, there was just so much on my to-do list that I wasn’t even sure where to being. Do I make breakfast first? Or should I change baby diapers or get the kitchen cleaned-up? And the list went on and on. So much so that it was about 5 minutes later that my husband looked over at me from where I’d collapsed on a stool, head in hands, and he asked, “Sweetheart, can I do anything?” I was overwhelmed. Very much so. But, when I realized what was happening, I busted out my 5 Things to Try When You Get Overwhelmed list. Because I seriously needed it. And I felt better almost immediately. Well, I still had stuff to do, but I wasn’t feeling so terrible about it.

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5 Things to Try When You Get Overwhelmed

  1. Wash the Dishes. First, if you’ve got a pile of dishes a mile tall like I do on Sunday mornings, getting that sink cleaned-out will be cleansing in and of itself. Not that this will make anything else go away, but the dishes will be done. One thing off your list. And, warm water on the hands is kind of relaxing.
  2. Run a Load of Laundry. Seriously, there’s something about a clean load of laundry–and the white noise of the washing machine running, that’s soothing. I’m not kidding. I know it sounds like sarcasm is dripping, but do it.
  3. Make a List. I don’t know what it is about list-making, but it helps me gather my thoughts AND it’s a great way to figure out how to tackle things. So, I write lists. It’s kinda nice. 5 things to try when you get overwhelmed fn
  4. Sit for a Minute. Don’t do anything. Just sit, blank that mind, and give it a minute to stop spinning like a panicked gerbil hyped-up on heroin.
  5. Ask for Help. This is one I fail at a lot. Although, I’ve gotten a lot better at it over the last few years. Because, with a baby (or two), I just couldn’t do what I used to without help. And no one was handing it out. So, I had to ask. Asking is nice. Delegating is not. So, be sure to ask. Ask, ask, ask, ask, ask.

I’m not saying this is going to make your feelings of overwhelmed-ness vanish overnight. But, what I am saying is that there’s a level of calm that comes with doing these things. That, sometimes, it’s just a few simple, quiet moments that you need to collect your thoughts.

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It’s a simple formula of things to try when you get overwhelmed, but I’d love to hear more. Drop me a comment below or hit me up on Facebook. I hate feeling overwhelmed and would love some help figuring out how to beat that wrap! LOL!

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