5 Things That Happened The Day My Baby Became a Toddler

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I love this cute homage to the things that happen when babies turn into toddlers! So cute how gushy this mom is...

A few weeks ago, when my daughter turned one, things were so different. She was just a baby–and things seemed to be moving so slowly. But then, just a few days ago, something miraculous happened. As a matter of fact, there were 5 Things That Happened The Day My Baby Became a Toddler that just changed my world.

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It was crazy, becoming a mom–as a surprise–the third time. I mean, of all my kiddos, only our first wasn’t a surprise. But the third time was just…And I thought I couldn’t be surprised anymore. But this girl, little Donut, with every cupful of Gerber and every diaper change, she’s different, unique…and changing constantly.

5 Things That Happened The Day My Baby Became a Toddler

  1. My Heart Plummeted. Because she took her first steps. It was scary. Frightening. And the most beautiful thing ever. They’ll be the last first steps from her. And I watched a little bit of my baby disappear.
  2. My Breath Caught. Because she said “mama”–I swear she did. I know it. Her little arms up-stretched to me, standing on those chubby, cute legs, she said it. She did, she did, she did! And with that, another piece of my baby was gone.
  3. I Fell in Love. Again. Because she smiled at me, those 4 little teeth shining in all their little glory. The day before there’d only been 2. And one more baby-day went bye-bye. 5 things that happened the day my baby became a toddler fb
  4. Laughter Bubbled Out of Me. She ate a handful of sand. And liked it–I guess, because she ate another one. And another. All before I could stop laughing and get the pacifier back in her mouth.
  5. I Shook My Head in Surprise. A spoonful of oatmeal made it’s way onto her spoon–then her mouth. It was almost like she meant to do that. And she, too was kind of surprised when she scored the goal.

Tears I’d thought I’d shed, they disappeared. Because my baby didn’t go anywhere. I just watched a tiny butterfly climb from her chrysalis. And I love the way her wings spread wide.

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It all happened after breakfast nummies made of Gerber–and every day we start with a little extra nutrition  packed-in with some fruit and maybe a little sausage (because she’s quite the meat eater! LOL!). These 5 Things That Happened The Day My Baby Became a Toddler are just so astounding to me. I’d love to hear if you had such a great day happen all at once. Leave me a comment below or tell me about your awesome day with your kiddo that just changed your world on Facebook. I’d love to hear about it!

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