5 Reasons Why I Gave My 9 Year Old a Cell Phone

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Last weekend, my son went over on his data AGAIN. I’d had it. This was getting so ridiculous. But I’d heard about this new Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan featuring Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data…I knew we had to make a switch–but I needed to make sure I could still meet our original intent for getting him the phone several years ago. Because those 5 Reasons Why I Gave My 9 Year Old a Cell Phone–they still apply AND they’re critical to my sanity (and his).

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I know 9 seems like an awfully young age to be getting a child a cell phone, but we were getting desperate. And this weekend, as we were getting my now 13-year old all set up on the LG G Stylo and that awesome newly launched Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan (with it’s 10GB of 4G LTE data PLUS a free movie on VUDU every month per line for $49.88), I was pretty sure we’d be in a VERY bad place if we’d not gotten him the phone all those years ago.

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With this new plan, the increased data and free movie, it made me glad that I’d gotten our taxes done and was able to maximize my refund this tax season to upgrade his plan at such a great value. I mean, there was the minor outlay for the phone, but, with his recent good grades, hard work on his behavior and some responsibility he’d taken-on, he’d earned it. And with the value on the plan (saving us over $50 per month, not including the overage costs!), we’ll make that money back that we spent on the phone itself in less than 2 months. So–there’s that. Heh.

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So, it was totally worth it all the way around.

5 Reasons Why I Gave My 9 Year Old a Cell Phone

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  1. We Needed to Be Able to Find Him. Because he wandered away from school at 9. And he keeps doing it–it was unnerving and still is. But, we can find him now, which is crucial to my sanity.
  2. He Needed a Reward He Cared About. Nothing made an impact. But a phone and new apps and music and..he loves it all…AND with the VUDU-movie-a-month that we get with the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan, we can use that as an additional reward (I mean, who wouldn’t want a new movie to watch on our Smart TV, game console, ROKU, tablet or laptop?!).
  3. We Needed a Distraction Tool. Because I can only play with a child for so long before I need  break. BAD. (this probably makes me a bad parent, but I don’t care–its the truth! LOL!)
  4. He Needed to Know We Were Available. Like a security blanket–but with dialing and texting capabilities.
  5. We Needed Him to Want Some Responsibility. Because he didn’t know any before us and teaching it is very difficult when it isn’t ingrained from the beginning. He was very resistant to keep up with his things–until the phone.

And now, with the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan with all that fabulous extra data and the VUDU movie, we are able to meet all these needs a little more cost-effectively AND reduce the number of fights regarding data-overages. Hopefully–I won’t be surprised if he sees that 10GB number and finds a way to go over it in a month or two, just to drive me crazy. LOL!

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So, what do you think? How old is “too young” for a cell phone in your opinion? Hit me up with a comment, or reach-out on Facebook–I’d love to hear your opinion. And don’t forget to check out the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan–cheap, awesome phone service shouldn’t just be for kids, after all. Heh.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. 

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