4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

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I got a notice from my local water utility authority about a month ago–apparently they plan on raising the rates by $50 a month on each person’s bill within the year. This will not work for me. We live on a tight budget. So I’ve been working for the last month to come up with a way to save that $50 per month before the utility authority raises the rates. So far, I’ve come-up with these 4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill and I’m pretty excited–because they’re so simple, I kind of wish I’d known before.

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4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill

  • Fixing Leaky Toilets. You know that running noise is getting a little longer and a little longer each time you flush? Five minutes and about $10 can have the flap replaced…which you should do about once a year–maybe even more frequently if you use cleaning chemicals that have a tendency to warp the flap.
  • The Lyric™ Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector by Honeywell. Seriously, installing this one thing could end up saving me a ton of money on my water bill and the stress of finding a water heater spilling out hours after it flooded the house, or a busted pipe under my kitchen sink that ruined my entire first floor. It can’t stop the leak–but it can warn me, giving me time to fix the problem before my whole house is ruined.

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  • Outside Faucets. They need to be turned off all the way. That one little drip-drip you see every once in awhile is just penny after penny spilling out on your lawn. If this means getting a wrench–that means getting a wrench. Seriously.
  • Main Line Off. A big thing I’ve learned is that if we’re not going to be home, we have to turn the water off in the yard when you go on vacation–even if it’s for a weekend. The utility authority is happy to do this, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it. It’s really no thing. But it can save some big things if a pipe were to break while you’re hours away…

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You know, installing Honeywell’s Lyric™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector was so easy–and I see it saving me so much stress and everything…I decided to check out the Lyric™ Round Wi-Fi Thermostat, too. Which is putting me on the track of having a smart home. And I’m kind of excited–the smart home movement isn’t just about closing the garage door from the office or being too lazy to get off the couch to turn down the air–it’s also about knowing your home is operating at it’s fullest and safest capacity all the time. Knowing if a pipe under the sink is busted within a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. Or having your thermostat factor in temperature AND humidity to keep us comfy at home. Both of which are awesome.

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Let me know if you have any ideas I can add to my 4 Easy Ways to Save on Your Water Bill. Just drop me a comment below–and be sure to check out the Lyric™ Water Leak and Freeze Detector–and the Lyric Thermostat. I’m serious, it’s probably the smartest way I’ve ever improved my home because it’s so simple…and yet brilliant.            

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