25 Mother’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas

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Need a last-minute gift for Mom on Mother’s Day? Or maybe you’d like your little ones to make a gift for Granny? Try one of these 25 Mother’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas. Moms and grandmothers seem to adore those projects that are completed by their loved ones’ small hands! ♥

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  1. Flower Picture Frame–You’ve probably already got everything you need to make this sweet gift!
  2. Footprint Blossoms–As a Mother and a Grandmother, I can tell you that this is a great idea for kids to make for their Mother.
  3. Handprint Flowers For Mom Craft Kit – Crafts for Kids & Decoration Crafts–No time to shop for supplies? Check out this kit!
  4. Necklaces for Mom–I’m off to the craft store for some clay, so I can help my grandson make one of these necklaces for his Mother!
  5. Handprint with Poem–Any Mother or Grandmother would love to have a keepsake that records history the way this does.
  6. Home is Where Mom Is–Use popsicle sticks to create this adorable gift for Mom on her special day!
  7. Door Hanger–Does the Mom in your house ever need a nap? This gift may help your little ones understand the importance of Mom’s private time.
  8. Hanging Picture Frame with Chain-What better way to give Mom a gift that she will treasure forever? A picture is worth a thousand words!
  9. Peonies Artificial Flowers in Vase–What a great way for a child to give flowers! Mom’s gonna love getting a bouquet of these.
  10. Lantern Painting Kit–Look at how COOL these lanterns are! I’m thinking of making some of these for my self!
  11. Artwork Candles–I wish I’d thought of this years ago, when my kids were small!
  12. 24 Creative Plastic Stencils from Highlights–These stencils will make your card-creating project much easier!
  13. Flower Pot Card–Who thinks of all these CUTE things? Not only is Mom going to love this card, but the kids are gonna love making it.
  14. Fingerprint Necklace–Make this personalized and personal necklace using Sculpey III® Oven-Bake Clay–SO Easy!
  15. Paper Love Huge Pop Up 3D Cherry Blossom Flower Card, with Detachable Paper Flower Bouquet–This is a beautiful bouquet!
  16. Bubble Gum Bubble Bath–BUBBLE BATH!?! What a great idea for a Mother’s day gift! Mom’s gonna love this and the relaxing bubbly bath that follows!
  17. “Mom, You Rock!” Paper Weight–This is TOO cute! And . . . easy to BOOT!
  18. Free Mother’s Day Printable–Assist your kid-os with this “interview”, and Mom will treasure the results forever! (You might even think about framing it.)
  19. Clay Pots–Mom will find a great place to display this hand-crafted pot made by her little artisan!
  20. Mommy Pampering Kit–Be creative! Add all sorts of Mom’s favorite treats.
  21. Hand Print Flower Apron–Every time Mom sees this apron, she will be reminded of how sweet her little one is (no matter how big the little one gets)!
  22. Mom’s Garden, Family Birth Flower Bouquet–More than just a craft project, this framed gift is elegant and will stand the test of time.
  23. Love You To Pieces–With a little help from an adult, even a toddler can help with this Mother’s Day gift.
  24. Handprint Shopping Bag–Mom will enjoy showing off her personalized shopping bag every time she goes to the grocery store!
  25. Two Free Books from Audible–No time for shopping or crafting? Give Mom an Audible subscription! Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks!


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