10 Mistakes People Make at Disney

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Inside: If you’re planning a Disney vacation, you need to know these 10 Mistakes People Make at Disney. It will not only save you money, but also time and stress.

When you are visiting a place like Disney World you’re forking out a ton of money so, of course you want to ensure that you get your “money’s worth”.

Well, you would be surprised just how many very simple mistakes that most people make when visiting Disney that will not only cost you money but will also cost you additional time, cause you to have to wait in lines for longer periods of time, and overall take away from your experience.

Today we are going to be discussing what some of those most common mistakes include and how you can avoid them!

10 Mistakes People Make at Disney

  1. Buying Tickets at The Gate: I ALWAYS recommend purchasing your tickets for Disney parks ahead of time online. The online price is always going to be at least a couple of dollars cheaper than the gate price and that can really add up if you are purchasing multiple tickets. Not to mention, buying your tickets at the gate just puts you in another line to wait in, you are already going to have lines to wait in for rides and attractions no sense in adding another to your plate if it isn’t necessary.
  2. Not Making a Plan: I know that whenever we visit Disney we like to go in with at least some sort of an outlined plan. Making a plan tends to make the day go a little bit easier and you are able to get more done in a day when you have an idea of where to go at what time and when to take breaks for bathroom and meals. I’m not saying you have to schedule every potty break and snack, because there are going to be things where, you know, you have to go. But having an idea of what to do when is just helpful and less stressful than trying to “herd cats” so to speak.
  3. Not Creating FastPass Reservations: At Disney World parks you are able to make your Fast Pass reservations as early as 30 days in advance. It is so important to book your Fast Passes as early as you possibly can because they sell out–and they sell out quick, especially for the more popular rides. Rides such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Aerosmith’s Rock n Rollercoaster tend to have extremely long lines and the Fast Passes go quick so don’t make the mistake of waiting until you’re there to book your Fast Passes. You can even check with your reservation specialist for when the best times are to book–there are some sneaky tricks you can learn like booking SlinkyDog early in the morning…
  4. Wearing the Wrong Gear: When you visit an amusement park like Disney you are going to be doing a lot of walking, standing, and moving around. You will want to ensure that you are wearing something comfortable that can get you through the day. I always recommend making sure you have very comfortable and supportive shoes, they are the most important in my opinion! But you want to think about other things, too, like having some great Mickey ears or Minnie ears, wearing shorts under your skirt so you don’t chafe, that kind of thing.
  5. Not Getting a Stroller: As previously stated, when visiting a Disney Park you are going to be walking around… A LOT! For kids, even if they don’t typically use a stroller anymore, well, they’ll get tired and I know sometimes us parent don’t think about getting a stroller, but I promise you, you will more than likely need it. If you don’t have a stroller to bring with you, you can rent one from Disney for a fairly affordable cost. Or you can just buy one of those little umbrella strollers at a Walmart nearby. That’s $15 well spent, trust me. 
  6. Know Your Kid’s Heights: Some of the rides and attractions do have a height requirement and not all of the rides have a measuring area to see if your kiddos are tall enough until you get up to a cast member that has a measuring stick. I would hate for you to have to wait in line for any amount of time being unaware that your kids won’t be able to ride. I recommend measuring your little ones before you go and you can check height requirements through the My Disney Experience app so you know what rides you can and cannot visit. Plus, if you know before you go, you can prepare your kiddos for those rides that look awesome, but they won’t be able to go on.
  7. Visiting During Major Holidays: I know it is GREAT to visit the Disney Parks during Halloween or Christmas because of all of the fun activities and decor but, man…the park will get absolutely crazy during these times! The good news is that they decorate for various holidays well in advance so you are still able to visit during times that aren’t so crazy and still enjoy the park transformed for that season.
  8. Arriving Late: I know getting up really early on a vacation isn’t always the most fun thing to do but, if you are looking to have a really productive day at Disney, the best thing to do is it get up early and arrive at the park opening. The first 2 hours and the last two hours are the least busy times for the park, and the best opportunity to visit rides that tend to have longer lines. If you wait and arrive around 11:00 am-12:00 pm, then you will hit the biggest crowd and it will be crazy busy by that time.
  9. Forgetting Sunscreen: Oh, one of my cardinal mistakes…I think a lot of us make the mistake of only thinking of using sunscreen when we are swimming or visiting the beach. But, it is so important to use sunscreen any time that you’re in the sun for an extended period of time. I recommend packing sunscreen with you and ensuring that you re-apply throughout the day. Set an alarm on your phone for every 180-minutes (kind of the average time you need to reapply for sunscreens I’ve used). Florida sun can be intense and you don’t want to end up sunburnt and in pain. I like to pack not only sunscreen, but sunglasses, and hats as well. Sunburns suck.
  10. Skipping Dining Reservations: If you intend on eating any of your meals at a table service restaurant, I highly recommend making a dining reservation as far in advance as you can. Dining can get crazy and a lot of times, without a reservation, you will not get in. If your heart is set on a certain restaurant, be sure to make your reservations ahead of time.

If you have been to Disney before, I bet you have made some of these mistakes because well… we all have!

Some of the most common things you just never would think would be a mistake can be a really big one at a Disney visit.

I hope these tips have helped you in the event that you are visiting Disney World soon.

I want to ensure that you have the fullest experience you possibly can and if you avoid these simple mistakes you certainly will.

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