Technology Makes Staying in Touch with Friends, Family, And Loved Ones Much Easier Than It Used to Be

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Travel is an essential human activity, and sometimes, it becomes necessary. For example, you might travel for work, living out of a beaten suitcase and surviving on questionable airport food while constantly rushing to make meetings. Navigating unfamiliar territory while recovering from jet lag and struggling to maintain a professional demeanor is a mind-blowing experience. The schedule is reasonable, and most of the time, the travel is easy.  

Obviously, leaving your spouse to fend for themselves is the last thing you want to do, but hey, it’s no big deal. According to the experts, taking a break can help you avoid mental issues like anxiety and depression, so traveling is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Every now and then, embark on a journey that’s yours. 

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When traveling abroad, you’ll want to keep in touch with friends, family, and your loved ones to make them feel at ease, knowing you’re safe, and even get them excited about what you’re doing. Using your phone internationally is way too expensive unless you’re using an eSIM, which offers local data at the destination at unbeatable prices. The more details, the better, so learn more about the future of telecommunication.  

It can be time-consuming to get a physical SIM card, depending on the country you’re visiting. If you’re heading to Australia, say, you have your work cut out (for you) because you’ll be overwhelmed by the number of options. If you want to stay connected without roaming charges, install your eSIM one or two days before leaving. 

Getting away from it all can be great, but sometimes you just feel the need to talk to or chat with someone. Thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with friends, family, and loved ones, even if they’re far, far away. Here’s a handy list of ways to stay connected to those who matter most. 

If You’re Looking to Quickly Message People, Use WhatsApp 

Even if you’re not a fan of spamming people with travel updates, you should definitely use social media to let everyone know you’re okay. So many people prefer WhatsApp today because it can be used internationally and offers end-to-end encryption, meaning only you and the other person can read/listen to the messages. WhatsApp requires an Internet connection, so enable mobile data. 

You can format the text inside your messages or share 30-second voice updates with other WhatsApp users – irrespective of your data plan, it’s a more flexible, powerful way to communicate. If you want to tell your kids a joke, but they’re not there, record it and send it via text. It’s the same as the in-person experience. Well, almost.

You can use your existing phone number but WhatsApp, but data charges will apply, even if you use an eSIM, in other words, the data you use will be deducted from your allowance. 

Create A Private Facebook Group to Make It Easier to Catch Up 

You can post photos or status updates to your Facebook profile, but if you’re concerned about privacy, create a private group that only friends, family, and loved ones can join. The name can be whatever you want because you can change it later. Still, try to make the group memorable and searchable so that people can actually find it.  

When the group has been formed and members start to join, it becomes a digital hangout spot, which offers the perfect solution when distance strikes. Life happens, and you can’t always see your favorite people in person. Except for the private group members, others can’t view any of the posts on the page, so you can keep your information confidential. Your Facebook group can have more than one admin. 

If you want private conversations, why don’t you create a group chat in Messenger? It can accommodate up to 250 members, which is the perfect way to share information. If you’re already friends on the social network, there’s no setup required, so all you have to do is create an invitation link for the group. 

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Use FaceTime to See How You’re Talking To  

A video call can be refreshing, and when it’s over, you feel more connected to the person you spoke with. Put simply, everything feels better and brighter when you’re supported and connected to the people you cherish most.

There are many options for video calls, such as Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp, but FaceTime offers better call quality even on slower Internet connections. You can use FaceTime from a hotel, restaurant, or any Wi-Fi hotspot; it also runs on cellular networks via your phone’s data plan.

Schedule an appointment to ensure everyone is available and has something to look forward to (people want to hear from you as much as you want to hear from them). SharePlay allows you to listen to tracks from Apple Music and watch movies/shows through a compatible streaming app. 

Take Family, Friends, And Loved Ones with You Via Marco Polo 

Marco Polo works a bit like Snapchat – but the videos aren’t removed from the chat. Its founders created the app to keep the family close across multiple time zones, so a heartfelt purpose drives it.

You can leave video voicemails to check when you have the time and respond at your leisure. There are filters and stickers you can add to the clips. Marco Polo isn’t a social media app, so there are no likes (or tricks) to keep you on the app longer than necessary. 

It’s best to download the app before you leave and use it to understand how it works. Review the videos your kids have sent and received to ensure there’s nothing to worry about. If you watch your kids closely and stay updated with who they’re talking to, Marco Polo is a very safe app. 

Wrapping It Up 

Being away from home is hard, but technology can make you feel less lonely and help you stay connected to your friends, family, and loved ones. Staying in touch used to be harder, but owing to modern technology, it’s a lot easier now. 

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