Power Up Your Pinterest Marketing

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Pinterest has long transformed from the go-to hub for crafts and home inspiration alike to one of the most powerful marketing tools for bloggers, websites and online businesses. As a blogger, I share all of my posts on Pinterest to increase my reach and my traffic to the site, and I find a like-minded audience who can see all that we have in common and know to visit my blog for more like this. But it’s almost impossible to be on Pinterest all day every day, and so Tailwind was created.

drag-drop-calendar.indexedTailwind is a web-based program that works with Pinterest and allows you to schedule your pins for the best times of the day that will bring you the most reach and presence. Through the program, you can see data about your content and your audience, and learn what your following responds the best to, the best times to reach them and the best boards you should be using for the highest reach.

Tailwind includes a scheduler, analytics and the ability to reschedule pins that do well in order to drive more traffic to your blog. But my favorite part is that I can just leave a load of pins in the queue and Tailwind handles it all, so now I can scroll through Pinterest and enjoy other content and repin pins that I like, rather than always focusing on pinning my own content.



You can even schedule the pins you repin to be shared at a later time (basically adding them to your queue) so you aren’t pinning 10,000 pins at once and your profile isn’t spamming your followers’ feeds. For any bloggers or small business owners that use Pinterest as a form of marketing, Tailwind is one of the best investments you could make.


Sign up now for a free trial to see what it’s about, or go ahead and look at their pricing. For bloggers and smaller businesses, Tailwind is less than $10 a month, which is basically two lattes from Starbucks, so the investment is minimal and the results are massive!

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