10 Reasons This Mamma Can’t Wait for Summer and National Swim Day

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This mom's reasons for being excited about the summer--hilarious. She's so funny!

I kid you not, I’m about wetting my pants in excitement for the summer this year. Not that prior years have been a drag or anything, but there are 10 BIG Reasons This Mamma Can’t Wait for Summer and National Swim Day–and I bet you can’t guess a single one. Heh.

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10 Reasons This Mamma Can’t Wait for Summer

  1. My Husband Fixed My Grill. Seriously, that thing has been out of commission for almost 3 years. All because some stupid wasps made a nest in a very awkward spot. I finally get to have a homemade burger again.
  2. Two Toddlers = Twice the Splashing. Yeah, I have 2 that are walking now. And though it was scary at first to have 2 in the pool (eep!), with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float (the absolute best float available), my littlies can be safe while I wrestle the other…and vice versa. Heh. So, we’re going to splash. A lot.
  3. Strawberry Farm. Yeah, I found a little strawberry farm last winter–and we’re going to go pick our own! Eep! We’re going to be there at least once a week during season…
  4. New Trash Service. Ok, this is lame, but I’m looking forward to walking my trash to the end of the road now because I got a new trash service with those nifty buckets. Heh.
  5. One word: Watermelon. Fresh, ripe watermelon. 10 reasons this mamma can't wait for summer fb
  6. Teaching My Girls to Swim. This was one of my biggest delights with my son. And now I get to do it with my tiny-ies. And with the SwimWays Baby Spring Float, it’s been so much easier so far…
  7. Summer Camps for My Son. Yeah–the last couple of years we had a lot of trouble signing-up (ran out of time, struggling with cash, etc.). This year, we’re signed-up, set and ready to go.
  8. Sand Boxes and Beaches. Before the beginning of this summer, I had NO IDEA how much small children love sand…so, we’ve already been doing trips to our little local beach…and I bought a sand box.
  9. No Preggers or Just-Post-Preggers. Heh. This one speaks for itself. Heh.
  10. Camera. I got a camera not too long ago–and this is the first time I’ve had a camera better than my phone…I can’t wait for the great memories to be stashed in my memory books…

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5th annual National Learn to Swim Day

Brought to you by SwimWays, a leader in helping children learn to swim–and making water safety a priority, National Learn to Swim Day is a day dedicated to helping educate both parents and children about water safety AND the benefits of swimming–and learning to do so safely. Perfectly timed, since all the big community pools in the U.S. open in late May with the end of school, this gives us all an opportunity (and handy reminder) to talk with our kids about being safe in the water.

Join us for the #SwimWays National Learn to Swim Day Twitter Party on Thursday May 19th from 1-2 PM ET! More details to follow. Lots of fun talk about how to chat with the kiddos about water safety and tips on teaching them to swim!

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So, do you have your own Reasons YOU Can’t Wait for Summer and National Swim Day? Hit me up with a comment below or find me on Facebook to share! I’d love to hear from you!

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