Sports Moms: How to Prepare For Games Like a Pro

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SnowCast for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I love this list of things to help make your sports games feel more comfortable! How to Prepare For Games Like a Pro...LOL!

This year has brought a lot of change in our little lives. And one of those changes has been pretty significant. My son has stopped acting out so much. Which is Awesome (yeah A-wesome). So, as a reward, he asked to be enrolled in LaCrosse. And guess what?! I learned a few lessons in our first couple of games just this past weekend. So, Sports Moms: This is How to Prepare For Games Like a Pro, so you’re not miserable and wishing you were home the whole time. how to prepare for games like a pro feature If you think it’s awfully funny that I figured all this out in my first couple of games, you’d be right. See, I had some helpful hints on how to prepare for games from a couple of other moms…and they were ever so awesome in sharing what they needed. So, I’m learnin’. And so is my son! It’s like we’re both doing some fun new activity (regardless of the fact that my “activity” entails sitting on my rear on bleachers for 2 hours every weekend–heh). what to take to sports games to make you comfortable fb

Sports Moms: How to Prepare For Games Like a Pro

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  1. Camera Bag – Both for the camera and anything else not wet that you don’t want to get wet if it starts to snow or rain. You can store anything in there, like your phone, your wallet. Anything that you know you need to keep safe and dry. Because camera bags are tough.
  2. Tissues – Because, when it’s cold…noses run.
  3. Drinks – Because your little guy (or not so little guy, like mine) out on the field isn’t the only one that needs to stay hydrated.
  4. Snacks – Um, yeah, for yourself and your sideline-team…nothing’s worse than a toddler that’s starving.
  5. Food Container – Because we don’t leave trash at the park, friends. LOL!
  6. Hand Warmers – “Brrrrrr!” turned into “mmmmm”.
  7. Sunglasses – Even if it’s cloudy…even if its not.
  8. SnowCast App – It’s easy to download the app to your iPhone, set up the notifications and BAM! You’ll be alerted if there’s snow tomorrow or not. No, really, it’s that simple. You get NOAA winter weather warnings and advisories; fast-loading, accurate radar; and the knowledge of how much snow to expect both now and over the next couple of days. I think I might be a little in love with it. Download the app.
  9. Blanket – Let’s just say it’s not even cold (because you live in Texas and it’s February but it’s going to be 80 degrees tomorrow?!), but there’s just a tiny bit of wind. I guarantee that there will be a tiny windstorm the minute I step foot out on that field to find my spot on the sidelines. And I’ll be cold. Every. Stinkin’. Time.
  10. Hat – See #7. Because a sunburn on your noggin’ s-u-c-k-s.

Definitely, my favorite item on this list is the SnowCast App. Lemme tell you, this little baby saved my tail at our last away game. See, we’re in a league that plays “rain or shine” and so, scrimmages and games are NEVER cancelled–even for snow. I just popped-in the address for the park we were headed to that weekend…and man, right away, I knew we’d be facing a little snow-ey snow in the Texas Panhandle and at that specific park! Not only that, but I was able to see just how many inches we’d be getting and how long the winter weather would last. Best part? I put the address in a week out, so I got updates throughout the week, so I knew what to be prepared for. Now, that’s brilliant. And the most useful tool for any sports mom. LOL!

I mean, how helpful to life is it that you can just see–at a glance–whether or not your whole weekend will be a miserable slosh-fest or a a light dusting-loving from the sky?! So helpful. Ridiculously so.

what do moms need to make kids football games more comfortable sq So, what do you think about how I prepare for games? Hit me up with a comment below if you have any additions to my list. And don’t forget to download your SnowCast App…it’s really the best way to be on the ball about snowfall. LOL!

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