Moms of Large Families: I want to apologize.

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Dear Moms of families with lots of kids. I understand now, and I'm sorry know, before.

I was all judgey–and I’m so sorry. “There’s too many kids in that family,” I would think, or, “There’s no way that mom is spending quality time with any one of those kids.” And I’m so sorry. Because I was wrong. And now I understand. I really really like my kids. I had NO IDEA how much awesome fun they would be. Until they were here. Moms of Large Families: I want to apologize. Because, if it wasn’t for my pregnancy challenges, we’d have way more than 3 kids.

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Moms of Large Families: I want to apologize.

Dear Moms of Large Families,

I was a total B. Only in my mind, but, really, that’s where it starts. I thought you were like all weird people that had some strange dislike of birth control. It turns out that I was terribly, horribly wrong. You see, this change of heart has everything to do with my littlest baby, Donut. She’s the most perfect little baby on the planet and I feel like I was gifted with such a beautiful opportunity when given the chance to be her mom.

My eldest did not make me feel gifted with anything but pain–he’s defiant and angry and, though we adopted him when he was 7, he will probably never think of us as his family, no matter how hard we try. My second, my first baby, was born to us with a milk/soy protein intolerance that went undiagnosed for almost the first 6 months of her life. I thought people were insane for having babies. All mine did was scream all day. Literally. ALL. DAY. It was torture. And although it ended, it did not make me want another child.

to moms of large families I apologize

But then Donut came (surprise!). No intolerance issues (of course, we haven’t exposed her, since her older sis had the issue), no defiance, no screaming at all. Just magical, easy, happy baby.

Thank you, Donut, for giving me that gift. (that’s her in the orange above)

And on to you, moms with large families. I owe you a big apology. I’m sorry I couldn’t see it before. But I see now why you would have so many little heads bobbing through the house. Your heart swells with joy each time you touch their cotton-soft hair. I see now why you would have so many little feet thumping across the floor. Your cheeks hurt from smiling so much when they run to show you a toy. I see now why you would have so many baby bodies to clean-up after. Your whole world revolves around that moment when you can cuddle that tiny body to yours as it sleeps in your arms.

I would be one of you. With six kids running around my house and a huge joyful smile on my face. Pregnancies are over for me, though. So, I’ll cherish the babies I do have–and envy those of you who may carry as many children as you wish in your womb and on your hips. I understand now.

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