How to Make a Free Printable for Your Blog

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Such an easy tutorial for making a free printable for your blog! I love it!

For those of you, my lovlies, that are here just for recipes, momming and fun crafts, you just feel free to set this one out. I’m not saying you can’t read this…just, it might be boring. So, on to the show for those of you readers that are ALSO here for the quick-tips and tidbits on blogging (which may be just me for now, but whatever. LOL!). This is my quick tutorial on How to Make a Free Printable for Your Blog. There’s really nothing to it, but it can be intimidating. So, I’m here to help. Heh.

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No, really, making a free printable isn’t hard. And I think it’s a basic skill that all bloggers probably need to have. Only if they want to be successful, though. Because, you know, you have to have variety on your blog. A lot of variety. And one of those variety things should be printables. People (readers) come to blogs to get helpful tips, ideas and ways to solve problems (and sometimes that problem is just “I need a laugh”–but that’s another story). One way to solve a problem is to give someone a tangible item to get that problem gone on a consistent basis. That’s why printables attract people.

But just because you recognize that they want them doesn’t mean that you automatically know how to do them…I totally had to stumble through the mess and figure it out on my own. And this tutorial is kind of my own little mish-mash of ideas I found on the web and what I found works for me. If it tells you anything, printables are the #1 (#2, #3 and, often, #4) post on my site, driving consistent, relatively good traffic every day. So, yeah, they’re important (because sometimes, the problem I’m solving is that people just want something free to color–heh).

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How to Make a Free Printable for Your Blog

And…here’s a handy video tutorial. Because I love you. You know it. LOL!

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So, tell me, was this helpful? Hit me up with a comment or hunt me down on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you and find out if you’d like more of these little late-night tutorials…or if I should just shove it…LOL!

Thank you for sharing!

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