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Thank you for sharing!

Let me start by saying, sharing blog posts with Yummly is amazingly easy. I’m hopeful that the rest of the world moves toward being as easy to deal with as Yummly. That having been said, we can move-on to why that’s important.

For those of you that are new, you may not realize this (but I’m just preaching to those readers that have been around since the beginning), but this blog is not all that new. Ha! I got you! LOL! I’m working on making this a fun, easy way to share about momming as a nerd, being practical about life and generally sharing easy-to-make-delicious meals for the family. But I’m also trying to help support my family with this fun-ness, too.

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By the way, did you know you can help support your family with a blog?! I didn’t. Not until about 6 months ago. That’s when I asked a friend of mine if she could show me how she did it–if it really worked. And, WHOA did it work. I won’t tell you how much she and I made working together, because that would be really rude, but I was able to make a real salary–as good as I made working at an engineering firm. SOOOOOO, I’m taking a run at it on my own now, banging-out awesome content and sharing it with the world.

Sharing it is the key, though. It’s great to write content (that’s like the primary objective), but because there’s a flood of information out there, as a blogger, you have to get your good content to rise above the rest and reach people who will be interested. Because to make money on the blog, you need readers. A lot of them (like a million or more). So, that means a lot of social outreach–continuously.

There’s a lot of tools out there, but some of the most effective are some of the hardest, and we can talk about those in future blog posts, since I suspect this will be an ongoing thing. Very rarely do they converge with easy and effective. But they so very-muchly converge with Yummly. So very.

All that having been said, I am so excited to share with you my Yummly page! {I didn’t even know I had one.} How crazy is that. I added the Yummly share buttons last night, which was totally easy, and when I logged-in this morning, people had already shared my recipes on Yummly and they’d automatically set me up a publisher’s page. How sweet is that?!

Plus, the more you’re “yummed”, the more you’re viewed and people click-through to your site, it’s like a lotta love for one little button-poke (literally, ONE. BUTTON. POKE). Nice.

So, go check out Yummly. Specifically, check out the NerdyMamma Yummly Page (duh!) and enjoy all those lovely recipes, shopping lists and whatnot that Yummly puts together for you, then get the buttons set up on your blog (if you do that) and get to Yumming (is that a word?!).

Thank you for sharing!

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