Do’s and Dont’s of Budget: Traveling with Kids

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Ask any parent about traveling with kids and their thoughts on taking them on a vacation and the universal answer will be it is a labor of love that requires packing tons of extra patience.

Not only that, traveling with kids can make every aspect of the trip much more expensive as parents end up splurging much more on convenience just to keep the kids happy and satisfied.

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Having said that, traveling with kids can be a lot less stressful and affordable if you learn what to do and what not to do, much ahead of time. This will also allow the parents to create an environment on the trip, similar to the one at home.

So if you have set your eyes on a trip with the family, read on to know about some do’s and don’ts on budget travel with kids before you hit the road.

Do Look for Discounts for Kids

Many packages are available that offer discounts for kids that can significantly reduce the overall cost of the trip. Some cruise lines, for example, let kids sail for free while some all-inclusive resorts also offer concessions and reduced rates for kids up to a certain age.

You will also find some all-inclusive low-cost vacation packages that offer subsidized rates for kids, so research well for travel deals that fit your requirements and offer low pricing as well.

Don’t Rely on Discounts Alone 

While looking for travel deals is a good thing, don’t just book the cheapest vacation package available. Low-priced accommodation may not necessarily be of good quality or kid-friendly. All these issues should be taken into account while planning the trip.

If you have no option but to book the cheapest available package, make sure you read the reviews on safety, etc of the resort or hotel before making a firm commitment.

Do Pay for Travel Conveniences

Though proper budgeting is a big priority, do remember to shell out more money for the little travel conveniences that are worth the price. If you decide to be choosy in making petty moments, you may end up with cribbing kids who are not having fun and who will make sure you don’t do either.

So pay for conveniences that are worth the money like in-flight WiFi to keep kids occupied, check bag fees to prevent lugging heavy bags around, and extra money for good seat selection on flights and airport lounge access fees.

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Don’t Ignore Your Travel Budget 

Paying for conveniences is a necessity, but that does not mean you throw your travel budget out of the window just because you are out with the kids.

Over the course of time, any extra charge, however small it may seem, can add up significantly at the end of the vacation, meaning returning back with an inflated credit card bill that you had not bargained for.

So our sound advice is to set a fixed amount for your trip that includes travel conveniences and stick to it as best as you can.

Do Choose Your Destination Wisely 

All travel destinations are not created equal when you compare them with value for money. A full week’s budget in one place might last just a day in another. Last night’s $50 room accommodation may cost $200 just across the border, despite there being hardly any difference in the standard.

Food and drinks also vary from country to country. While street food could be affordable around the world, a meal in a restaurant for a family of four can cost upwards of $100 but in other destinations, you would struggle to spend even $10 on a meal.

So our advice is to choose a destination where the standard of living is poor and is a family budget travel favorite like South East Asia which is a great place to visit with kids.

Don’t Overpack

A family vacation can turn into a nightmare if you are carrying too much luggage, especially when you have to keep an eye on kids as well. So pack smart, keeping in mind that you can always purchase something you may really need during the trip.

If you need help packing for carry-on-only travel, it is highly recommended to use packing cubes to organize baggage and keep all clothes separated. Roll everything to maximize space. This keeps clothing weight to a minimum and saves tons on extra baggage fees.

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Do Travel Slow

However tempting it may be to tick off all the popular sites quickly, slow family travel has proven not only to save a lot of money but to enjoy learning about a new place that much better.

Early morning starts and twelve hours of sightseeing can have a toll on the kids, so it is best to slow down the pace of your itinerary.

Trying to get to another city at a particular time becomes more expensive as it reduces your options to choose a cheaper mode of transport and forces you into peak travel.

Moreover, spending more time in one place can lower accommodation costs as many owners offer discounts for a month and even a week’s stay.

Don’t Eat Out for Every Meal 

Cook your own meals and do grocery shopping at the local supermarket if there are options to do that. Use locally sourced ingredients and fresh products.

Set a daily food budget and stick to it. Children love eating in cafes, so once in a while take them to a local restaurant instead of a restaurant in a tourist area with inflated prices.

Using reusable water bottles also helps reduce the family travel budget and saves the environment.

The best way is to choose accommodation with kitchen facilities to cook meals. Having breakfast in the room can prepare you for the day and minimize any impulse to purchase food from outside.

Do Be Creative with Accommodation 

The rapid rise in online resources to find accommodation has opened up a plethora of options to reduce the costs and hassles of going from hotel to hotel looking for a nice deal, especially with kids who may be exhausted after a tiresome journey.

In places, Airbnb offers incredible value for money, usually at a fraction of the cost of hotels nearby. Many cities in Europe have hostels, which offer a cost-effective option without compromising on location and amenities.

Camping is also an inexpensive way of traveling and kids love it. Being among nature is also like giving them a giant playground to have fun in 

Don’t Invest in Timeshare Packages 

Timeshare packages have become quite popular as people assume that they can save money and see a number of exotic destinations around the world.

These packages will induce you to travel to high-class resorts for a fun family holiday, but the fact is that in the long run, it will cost you more to become a member than just to stay at the resort.

Apart from membership, there are yearly maintenance fees to be paid. Even after paying all the money, there is no guarantee that you will get a room in the resort of your choice which limits the options of destinations to visit. On the whole, a timeshare package is not worth it and will only eat into your family travel budget.

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