How to Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

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I love this easy idea for cleaning your house in 15-minutes a day! I totally have to try it.

So, you’re probably reading the title to this post, thinking: “WHAT?! You can’t clean your house in 15 minutes!” However, I assure you, it can be done. I came across this method when we were trying to sell our house…long story short, this is How to Clean Your House in 15 Minutes–just go stock-up on Windex® Original Glass Cleaner and Windex® Original Glass Wipes, because, my lovelies, you’re gonna need ’em–oh, and print yourself out a nice little chart to help you keep on track (it’s free after all, heh).

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After we DIDN’T sell my house (another LOOOOOONG story), I kind of got out of the habit of using this Cleaning-Your-House-In-15-Minutes method to keep the house clean…and now that it’s been a year, my house REALLY shows it. And, with My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 being released in theaters on March 25th (rated PG-13), I decided I’d start doing this again–with my first week of doing it being rewarded with a fun little movie outing…to? You guessed it: My. Big. Fat. Greek. Wedding. 2. 

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My first step in getting back in the groove was heading over to my local Kroger to pick up some Windex®. I like to use them because they’re just so VERY versatile–you can use them on so many things, it makes cleaning a ton faster than having to search all over for 94 different cleaners. Don’t believe me? Check-out Windex® on Facebook so see some great ideas for cleaning with all their products.

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How to Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

After I got my cleaning gear and made my free printable, I decided I’d write about it      (I know, just one more form of procrastination, but you get to take advantage of it, so there! LOL!). So, here’s how it goes:

  1. Pick a Room.
  2. Quickly Do At Least 3 Major Cleaning Efforts in that Room in 15 Minutes.
  3. Repeat with a New Room on Day 2…and so on…every day.

You know, like my little friend in this Instagram video I did (because I needed to make a video to explain this…heh).

See, even my little friend thinks this is really a great way to get a clean house and motivate to keep it going by just setting aside that time for that room every week. It really does work–I was able to break it down to a science in just a few tries when we were showing the house every day. For example, in the living room, I would toss baking soda on the carpet, start my dusting with my trusty Windex® Original Glass Cleaner on all my knick-knacks and window sills, picking-up kids’ toys as I dusted. Then, I’d get out the vacuum, run it over the carpet and the room was DONE. Smelled nice, no dust, and only 15 minutes. And my house stayed clean–Like a miracle, my friends.

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Free Printable to Help you Clean Your House in 15 Minutes

To help you stay on track, I made a fun free printable…it totally makes it easier for me to clean my house this way every week! LOL!

Download your JPG here or your PDF here.

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Let me know how your cleaning-in-15-minutes goes. Just hit me up with a comment below. 

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