5 Fun Ways to Cope with an Angry Kid

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I know it's wrong, but, to keep your sanity, sometimes you just have to laugh. These fun ways to help you cope with an angry child will totally make you laugh...just a little.

My son is so very angry. Some days, it’s like a tornado (me) met a volcano (him) and, subsequently, there was a tsunami-hurricane of global proportions. So many of our fights have been over stupid, little, eentsy-tiny things that just don’t even make sense (why can’t I just let it go–let him believe that he’s right?!). Well, I’m working on that. A big part of me working on it is finding Fun Ways to Cope with an Angry Kid. Now, if you’re not going to read this with a grin, please just close your computer now–or go ahead and put me in “mommy time-out” in your mind, because this is not for “normal” angry kids. This is for the kid that threatens to kill, maim and, generally, just get rid of you, so these are drastic measures for retaining your sanity as a parent. (and most of these things need to be done behind the kid’s back–heh)

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5 Fun Ways to Cope with an Angry Kid

  • An oldy but a goldie: Flip the kid off. Yeah. Just do it. Put that middle finger out there and, with a sneer your teenage-self would be proud of, just say F-you with the finger. It’s going to feel good. AND (added bonus) it’s going to help you keep from strangling the child like Homer Simpson. P.S. Best to do this behind the kid’s back or after he’s slammed the door in your face, this is a list of how to “cope with an angry kid” not “make the kid even worse”, after all.
  • Oh, I can’t hear you; can you repeat that? Hahahahahaha! This was like my favorite one for a loooong time. I’d be washing dishes or picking up the living room (or some other innane mom task) and my son would scream something at me (call me a name or whatever) and I’d just turn toward him with a confused look on my face and sweetly ask him to repeat himself, that I just couldn’t hear him. Oh, it made him so mad. He NEVER repeated himself. Never once. LOL!
  • That toy that’s missing? Oh, I think the dog must’ve eaten it…Well, this is probably the least “fun” coping trick, because, let’s be honest, there’s something icky about throwing away a toy that you bought the kid. But sometimes, it just has to be done. And telling them that you tossed it will just cause another fight…
  • No lunch money. Yup. So, here’s how this conversation goes: “Did you think that punching a hole in the wall was consequence-free? I have to pay for a repair-man to come and fix that. Sooo, there’s no lunch money for the next week, you’ll just have to brown-bag it.”
  • Laugh in their face. Now, this one could make things worse in the middle of the fight. But, sometimes, drastic steps must be taken. So, when he called me the N-word (which, by the way, I’m not) for the UMPTEEN-millionth time, I laughed. I laughed right in his face. Yup. And you can, too.
  • Ignore and proceed with discussion. This is kind of like the fun game of “I don’t hear you.” Only, it’s more devious. It’s like you just pretend the insult wasn’t hurled or the threat wasn’t made. Then you keep talking like there’s no tomorrow. Oh, it’s so funny.

So, now that you know, you can go ahead and let go of some of that residual anger that builds-up when your kid is not-so-nice to you. And, by the way, I don’t feel like this is the best parenting advice in the world, but it’s a million times better than yelling at my kid or trying to “teach him a lesson” through honest consequences. He’s a difficult one (but I know there are other difficult ones out there with me). I’m trying–try with me! LOL!

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