5 Easy Party Planning Tips (for bloggers)

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I love how easy she breaks-down the essentials of doing a party layout for a blog. She makes party planning sound so easy! LOL!

Ok, I’ve thrown a few bloggy-parties in the past few months and I feel like I have found a formula to really make the photos pop for presentation on a blog. So, without much ado, my lovely blogger-friends, here are my 5 Easy Party Planning Tips to maybe help you get started with your first (or fiftieth) blog-presented party (although by 50, you should probably be leaving me notes in the comments below to slap me into reality–LOL!).

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5 Easy Party Planning Tips

  1. One Centerpiece. Seriously. Just one thing to really focus your table or party. If that’s a cake on the table or a piñata hanging…just pick one thing that will be your “tada!” It will make all the difference for presentation.
  2. Two (to three) Primary Colors. Ok, so this is sometimes hard. But you need to keep your colors to the basics, if you are planning on posting pics online (since these are tips for bloggers, after all). You just don’t want to overwhelm the photos. If you’re not doing this for the photos, do whatever you want–it’s your party. But if you’re trying to be eye-catching, you want to keep it from being TOO busy and overwhelming the eye. 5 party planning tips for bloggers fb
  3. Three Levels. This means that the tabletop needs to be level one or “zone” one–where all your accents should be placed. Then you need to find a second “zone” of height to put your appetizers or sides or drinks, then a third “zone” with your centerpiece that’s higher than the others. That doesn’t mean everything has to be the same height in each “zone”, but just “similar” height and even size.
  4. Four Accent Things. You need at least 4 things that are accents to the primary stuff on your table. Whether that’s confetti, a few ribbons hanging from above, or whatever, you need 4 of them. And not all four placed int he same spot…mix it up, drop a little something here, a little something else over there. You’re trying to make it look like you thought through it, so think through it. LOL!
  5. Five “Made” Things. Ok, so this is where you’re bringing everything together. Whether you’re making all these things or they were made for you at a store and you bought them, you want to spread them across your scene, creating a “buffet” of things your photo is sampling.

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Alright, so do you agree with my 5 Easy Party Planning Tips? Drop me a line in the comments below. I’d really like to hear from you! LOL!

Thank you for sharing!

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