5 Crazy Disinfecting and Cleaning Hacks for New Moms

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just had my fifth baby, and life’s a bit crazy.

See, in my family, I’m the one that hosts everything.

Birthday parties, holidays, family game nights, they’re always at my house. And I love it!

But what I don’t love? Stressing about disinfecting and cleaning for company between nursing the baby, getting the bigger kids another snack, changing another diaper, and trying to get a 14-second break for myself to breathe.

Thankfully, I’ve become quite the expert after five babies, so today I’m sharing my top 5 crazy disinfecting and cleaning hacks for new moms with you!

5 Crazy Disinfecting and Cleaning Hacks for New Moms

These 5 cleaning hacks for new moms are seriously amazing! Life-Freaking-Changing.

Enlist Help

Seriously, you just had a baby. Everyone wants to help you, I promise.

The thing is, you can’t just loud sigh and say “oh, I’m so overwhelmed with all this cleaning…” you have to actually ask for help.

When someone says “do you need anything?” say “Yes, please start on some dishes”.

Do Laundry Overnight

Okay, everyone will tell you to do one load of laundry a day to keep up on it, and I totally agree. Babies spit up on EVERYTHING, and you’ll totally need to #washalltheclothes.

But when I tried to follow that advice, I was constantly leaving clothes in the washer way too long and rewashing the same load all week long.

So here’s how you can realistically keep up with a load a day. Do laundry overnight!

First, you’re going to throw laundry in the washer before you head to bed. Let the washer run while you’re sleeping.

Then, first thing in the morning, toss that load in the dryer. Usually you can remember to do one thing in the morning, right? (That’s why we always get the clothes in the washer, but forget to switch them!)

Then before bed, you just throw your new load in the washer. Repeat over and over again until your kid is old enough to do the laundry.

Use Worry-Free Disinfectant Spray

The PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant is my favorite worry-free disinfectant spray for quickly disinfecting and cleaning ups.

I love that I can feel good using it around my kids, my pets, and even on food prep surfaces or my kids toys since there are no harsh fumes, toxic residue, harsh chemicals or bleach.

Oh, and it can even be used on hard AND soft surfaces, without staining clothes or fabric. (That weird half-plastic, half-cloth baby toy you can never wash? I’m coming for you!)

Using PURELL Multi Surface Disinfectant, I can breathe easy knowing that I’m killing germs, keeping my house clean, and not compromising my family’s health to do it.

These 5 cleaning hacks for new moms are seriously amazing! Life-Freaking-Changing.

Stick to the Basics

No one really expects you to have a picture perfectly spotless house as a new mom. Not even your mother-in-law.

Okay, maybe she does, but what does she know anyways?

When you’re disinfecting and cleaning up, you just need to stick with the absolute basics.

Here’s the kicker. “The basics” will depend on your comfort level and preferences.

In my house? We try to keep up on laundry, dishes, and the floors.

I have five kids, so we use a lot of clothes and dishes, and I have kids crawling all over my floors all day long, so we try to keep them clean-ish.

My friend? Her biggest priority is her bathrooms because she has three elementary school-aged boys. Aim isn’t their strong suit, so the bathrooms need to be disinfected a lot!

So find whatever your basics are, and just stick to those. I promise no one cares the last time you cleaned the oven or washed the windows!

Don’t Sacrifice Sleep 

Okay, this one is kind of an anti-hack. Everyone says “Oh just do X while the baby is napping”.


For real, don’t do that. If that baby is napping long enough for you to clean, that’s long enough for you to sleep.

Or if you can’t sleep, you can turn on Netflix and zone out.

You need rest more than you need a sparkling gorgeous house, I promise.

Stick to the basics, take care of yourself, and you’ll be good to go!

These 5 cleaning hacks for new moms are seriously amazing! Life-Freaking-Changing.

For years I’ve loved using PURELL Hand Sanitizer to keep my family healthy, but now they have a new surface spray that kills germs without any harsh chemicals! I love using PURELL Multi-Surface Disinfectant for quick cleanups before company comes over.

You can get PURELL Multi-Surface Disinfectant online at amazon.com, and walmart.com as well as in-store at H-E-B and Publix. Soon it will be available in-store at Shop Rite and Wakefern Food Corporation as well.

I ordered my PURELL Multi-Surface Disinfectant from Amazon, and they’re running a promotion right now to get 20% off! Don’t forget to pin this post so you can find it again later!

These 5 cleaning hacks for new moms are seriously amazing! Life-Freaking-Changing.

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