5 Crazy Baby Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Baby

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These crazy baby hacks are so awesome. I mean, they really are so helpful--and funny. And #3...I dd not know that...genius.

From diaper fittings to onesies, I had no idea that there was a better way of doing things. And I honestly bet that there are a ton of people, even second or third time moms, that don’t know these 5 Crazy Baby Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Baby. Also, I wish I’d stocked-up on diapers of all sizes–I wish that’s all I’d gotten for my baby shower. That’s not a hack, just an extremely good piece of advice.

5 Crazy Baby Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Baby

5 Crazy Baby Hacks I Wish I Knew Before Baby

  1. Crying. If the baby is crying, you go through this checklist:
    1. Pick them up.
    2. Feed them.
    3. Change them.
    4. (and here’s the crazy hack I wish I’d known) Walk with them. I don’t know what it is, but taking a little stroll with baby in your arms makes her stop crying. Every time.
  2. Diaper Fittings. How to tell if baby’s diapers actually fit:
    1. Check the weight guidelines on the box. If baby doesn’t fit in that category, buy the next size.
    2. If the tabs are barely crossing into the colorful stripe, it’s too small.
    3. (here’s the crazy hack) If the baby has a poopy that goes up the back, out the sides and around to EVERYWHERE…the diaper is probably too small. what I wish I knew before I had a baby ra
  3. Screaming vs. Crying. There is a difference and you know it, here’s the skinny:
    1. Screaming is red-faced, high-pitched and sounds like baby is in pain. Crying is pouty and can easily be soothed.
    2. (here’s the hack) If the screaming goes on and on, it’s the sign of a big, big problem. Pediatricians that blow you off are wrong. Find a new pediatrician fast. Our 3rd pediatrician walked in the door and said: “Oh no.” Baby was “fixed” in less than a week after 5 months of screaming in pain.
  4. Cutting-off Shirts. If there is a poopy-plosion due to a poorly-fitted diaper or some other unfortunate incident, you have some options:
    1. Cut the onesie off (yes, I have done this).
    2. Stand there and cry (done that, too–got the t-shirt).
    3. OR (and here’s the hack), you know those crazy weird shoulders on baby shirts and onesies? Those OPEN so that you can slide that shirt down over her shoulders and off her bottom. No scissors needed! ideas for making life with a baby easier sec sq
  5. Diapers vs. Diapers. Not all diapers are created equal:
    1. Cloth does not fit the same as disposable.
    2. Disposable does not fit the same as other disposable.
    3. (here’s my hack) It’s all a lie–they all work, it’s just up to you what works best for you and your family. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

Bonus hack:

Buy in bulk. Because babies go through like a million diapers. So, even if you’re going the cloth-diaper route, you’re still going to want a TON of those puppies. I am constantly running to Sam’s Club to purchase another box–because that’s more cost-effective. I even did a little side-by-side comparison of my favorite brand: Huggies Little Snugglers. Yeah, there’s 92 in the grocery store box and 180 in the Sam’s Club pack. And does the club pack cost twice as much? The answer is NO, so you have a fighting chance that you’re saving (quite a bit of) money on that purchase.

new baby tips sq

You can totally do your own side-by-side comparison, but definitely check out Sam’s Club. They have a whole aisle of diapers, and, like I said, you’re going to need a bunch of them. Head over to their site by clicking here to learn more. Or, check out Huggies Little Snugglers–got my next month covered with a new box of them yesterday. Heh.

how many diapers does a baby need in a month

So, will you be implementing these? LOL! I’d love to hear if you have any additional suggestions! Just drop me a comment below or find me on Facebook! And if you loved these hacks, be sure to check out my 5 Crazy Toddler Hacks….because I have 2 now…Yes, 2 toddlers…my life is evolving in crazy…LOL!

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