15 Zombie Books for Kids

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(Inside: There’s nothing more fun and screams “Halloween” like a zombie story. It’s just part of the spooky spirit of the season–and kids love to get into it…plus, if they’re really cool, they’ll want to read these 15 Zombie Books for Kids even if it’s not Halloween-season.)

It’s a truly ancient tradition to tell spooky stories around Halloween.

A huge part of the fun we have as adults is watching Halloween movies and, when we were kids, we all read spooky books–it’s thrilling and fun.

So, why not get your kids in on this ancient tradition?!

But, you don’t want to just throw Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark at your kids (because, yeah, that’s what I’m working up to, FYI).

No, you should probably start smaller and funnier–like with these 15 Zombie Books for Kids.

They’re cute, easy to read and aren’t really intended to make your kids pee their pants in terror.

Plus, who doesn’t love a cute zombie story?!

collage of zombie books for kids

For real, there’s not a person–kid or otherwise–that doesn’t love a wholesome and funny zombie story.

Think about all the movies…and TV shows…and even songs about zombies.

And since your kids really are interested in similar things to you (you like HGTV, they like unboxing videos on YouTube…same thing), then books about zombies should interest you both (you like Walking Dead, they’ll like these 15 Zombie Books for Kids…same thing, see?!).

I seriously am having a hard time picking one (or two or three) to snag for my little zombies.

collage of zombie books

Oh, and if you’ve stumbled across this before you’re ready to go build your collection of zombie stories for kids, then just pin this quick list of 15 Zombie Books for Kids.

That way you can find them again when you’re ready.

Also, just pin this anyway–because sharing is caring and you don’t want to turn into a zombie, do you?!

I’m not saying that will happen, but I’m not not saying it, if you get my drift?!

collage of zombie books

15 Zombie Books for Kids


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