12 Vegan Instant Pot Meals

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(Inside: I kid you not, I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with my Instant Pot. I can’t believe how versatile and fast it is. It’s like a science experiment every time I cook. These 12 Vegan Instant Pot Meals are NO exception. Super fast and ridiculously delicious. Best idea ever.)

Look. There’s nothing like a few good meals that are fast and quick.

But when you can cook ALL the meals?

Well, that’s just ridiculously awesome.

And that’s what the Instant Pot has done for me.

Sure, I cook other things. But now I actually seek out the awesome stuff to do in the Instant Pot because it’s SO FAST.

And to demonstrate how awesome it is, I’ve rounded up 12 Vegan Instant Pot Meals from all over the spectrum–sweet treat to hearty.

This list has a little of everything.

12 Vegan Instant Pot Meals


Yup. Tacos.

Freakin’ Vegan Tacos.

And they’re vegan and in the Instant Pot.

Who does this?! Oh, wait that was me.

I’m not going to toot my own horn (ok, just a little), but these were so freaking good.

And simple. In. One. Pot. Whoa.


I. Mean. For. Real.


In the Instant Pot.

You can make it this amazing deep smokey flavor with a touch of cumin.

And then just add your favorite chips.

For me, this is just a dream come true.

Lasagna Soup

Look no further for the cure to your weeknight pasta craving.

This Lasagna Soup is packed full of vegetables, garlic and red lentils.

What really makes this great is the fact your getting a “comfort food” style meal but only using one pot.  

The recipe is already vegan but a quick substitute of quinoa for the noodles also makes it gluten free.

Beefless Stew

This is a hearty and filling meal.

Perfect for chilly evenings or feeding a hungry family.

Beefless Stew has large chunks of potatoes, celery, carrots and onions.

The rich broth and tender vegetables are always a hit.

When chopping vegetables, keep in mind the potatoes and carrots should be cut in smaller chunks because they have a longer cook time than celery and onions.

Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup

Sweet Potato Tortilla Soup is a favorite made a lot easier with the Instant Pot.

Chunks of sweet potatoes, black beans and a slightly spicy broth with have you headed back for seconds.

Topping the soup with strips of tortilla chips and fresh avocado are what sets this recipe apart.

Add in some jalapenos if you’re craving that little extra kick.

Once everything is chopped, you’ll only have to wait 20 minutes until you’re dishing it out.


Vegan Sloppy Joe

Every one of us craves a big mess sandwich from time to time.

The Vegan Sloppy Joe will go ahead and just help you check that craving off the list.

While this recipe will take an hour start to finish most of that time its just your instant pot doing the work for you.

The flavor here is great but it’s the textures that just right for a sandwich that pleasantly surprised me.

It also freezes well, assuming you manage to save any.

Barbacoa Mushroom Tacos

MORE tacos!

Your next taco Tuesday just got a lot more saucy with these Barbacoa Mushroom Tacos.

The sauce is slightly sweet, a little smoky with a touch of heat from the guajillo and chipotle peppers.

You can easily substitute other vegetables or beans if mushrooms just aren’t you thing.

Trust me though, you probably want to try the mushrooms.

Top them with sautéed onion, garlic and all the avocado your tortilla can hold.

Asian Steamed Dumplings

Yes, your Instant Pot can steam dumpling and it’s as easy as your hoping.

The bamboo steamer actually fits right into the Instant Pot, don’t stress the lid probably won’t fit.

The toughest part of these Asian Steamed Dumplings is finding vegan dumpling wrappers.

PS, if you can’t find them the recipe has a homemade version included.

The dumplings are stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage, carrots and very well seasoned.

Chances are high you won’t even want a dipping sauce.

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Mac N’ Cheese

This Mac N’ Cheese might be vegan but it probably isn’t going to fall into the “healthy” category.

It’s rich, just the way all great mac n’ cheeses should be.

This stuff tastes great on its own but also serves as a great base to mix things in.

Roasted Broccoli, mushrooms and buffalo cauliflower come to mind right away!

Getting hungry just thinking about it.


Non-Dairy Yogurt

When making the choice to switch to a plant based diet giving up your daily yogurt might feel a little daunting.

There are other Non-Dairy Yogurt options to purchase but making your own means you’re in charge of exactly what in it.

Bonus, you’ll only need three ingredients.

You’ll but a soy and probiotics mixture into glass jars then drop them right into the Instant Pot no rack needed.

It takes about 12-16 hours for the yogurt to set, the longer the better.

You can make it plain or add some fruit to the bottom.

The key is not mixing the fruit in until the yogurt is set or it ends up watery.

Orange Spice Cake

The Instant Pot is such a versatile tool.

The proof of that might just come from this  Orange Spice Cake with a perfect texture.

Not overly sweet and could probably even be stretched into the breakfast muffin category.

While the recipe calls for walnuts or pecan, you’re encouraged to switch things up to use any nuts and/or dried fruits you have on hand.

So, what do you think? Enough awesome Vegan Instant Pot Meals to keep you happy for a few days?

I sure hope so. Heh.

Be sure to pin this roundup of awesome recipes so you can find it again the next time you’re scrounging for ideas.

Thank you for sharing!

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