10 Things I’m Glad My Daughter Learned Before She Turned 2

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My baby girl–my miracle (well, the first one anyway), is turning 2 at the end of this week. I vacillate between ecstatic and slightly depressed. I mean, it feels like just yesterday that I lay in the hospital, terrified that something would be wrong with her, asking the nurses if they were sure she could take a picture with me–didn’t she need to be rushed to NICU?! (They took the picture, despite my worries, though she headed to NICU right afterward). Now, she’s such a big girl. She brushes her teeth, tells the dogs to go outside and spends so much time being perfect it’s not even funny. Well, mostly perfect. She still hasn’t quite figured-out how to pee in the potty consistently–but there are 10 Super-Important Things I’m Glad My Daughter Learned Before She Turned 2 that make me think she’s going to be a great person when she grows-up.

She's the cutest little thing. And she says please and thank you.

What My Daughter Learned Before She Turned 2

  1. “Please” and “Thank you”. In my opinion, these might be the most important words in any language (and the 3rd runner-up is “I’m sorry”–but we’re still working on that one). That my very-nearly 2 year old offers these words without prompting on 5 of 10 occasions really makes me happy. Like really really with a really big cherry on top.
  2. Independence. I was terrified that she’d be skittish and clingy because we spent almost the first year of her life sequestered in my house. But, being an introvert-ish person myself, I didn’t think we should be raising another introvert, so I started getting her out in the world this last year. And she has taken to it so wonderfully.
  3. Brevity. She’s not afraid of anything (well, the mixer kind of freaks her out a little and dogs are scary, but that’s workable). She’ll watch someone do something a time or two, then she’s trying it herself. Like swimming, jumping on trampolines and everything else. This will definitely serve her well in life.
  4. Sharing. A lot of 2 year olds snatch and refuse to share. Not my baby. She learned crazy-early that to share made others happy. We played a sharing-game to teach her that. And when she gives a toy to another kiddo her age with a smile, my heart swells ten sizes.
  5. Helping others. I don’t know where she learned this, but my baby loves to help out other people. Even other babies. If someone falls at our local toddler-time at the gymnastics facility, she runs over and gives them a helping-hand off the ground. That’s my girl right there.
  6. How to be heard. Wow. She learned this early and I hope she never, ever forgets it. You don’t listen to her and understand her pretty much right away and she’s yelling (politely). No one puts this baby in a corner. LOL!
  7. How to dance. Oh, how we dance. After a shower in the mornings, in the shower, when our favorite TV show comes on, when her daddy gets home. She dances for the joy of it and it’s the most wonderous thing.
  8. How to love. Kisses, hugs and cuddles are this child’s love language already. It’s beautiful to watch and an amazing thing to receive.
  9. Who’s got her back. When it comes down to it, this kiddo knows her mamma, dadda, Yaya, Papa, Mimi and Grandad have her. She doesn’t even have to look around for someone to be there for her. Just ask her yourself: “Who loves you?” She’ll tell you. She knows who is on her side.
  10. How to “get back on the horse”. Nothing stops this girl. Nada. She’s tough and rumble–knocks her head on the table, insists that I give that noggin’ a kiss, then takes off on the next adventure. She’s on the right track. No keeping her down.

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