10 Things I’ll Miss When My Baby Isn’t a Baby

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I'll be so sad when my babies aren't babies anymore...and these are the things I'll miss most.

I never really understood the saying about “they grow-up so fast” until I had kids of my own. I really didn’t get it. Of course, I’d never really been around too many kids for a prolonged period of time and the ones that I did see regularly seemed to grow-up in little spurts and stops that  made total sense to me. Now I know better. Now I know–they just grow-up too fast. And, now that there’s a definitive end to babies in our household (baby Donut is the last one), well, there’s just so many precious, wonderful Things I’ll Miss When My Baby Isn’t a Baby anymore.

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10 Things I’ll Miss When My Baby Isn’t a Baby

  • That delighted smile when she sees me for the first time in the last five seconds. Hi, mommy! Where ya’ been?
  • The startle reflex. Yeah, when she startles herself, it’s just so sweet and cute and then she drifts back to sleep. Really cute on so many levels.
  • Her amazement that–Oh, my gosh, are those feet down there?! This happens more often than a non-parent would think.
  • How her voice isn’t really even developed, just a sweet version of what will be. I can’t even explain it, but right now, it’s just this dim quiet little mumble, but one day it’ll be a real, full voice.
  • Those little baby noises she makes (just watch my cutie-patootie instagram video).

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  • The way her breath smells, all sweet baby warm and breastmilk mixed with cookies. Like Christmas.
  • Her tiny baby body wiggling next to mine as she discovers she–Oh, my gosh, are those feet down there?! I want to watch every moment of this and store it away for the day she tells me she wants a tattoo.
  • The way she crawls with her head still on the floor. This just started this week…it’s adorable (but that poor baby head).
  • That her feet curl inward, showcasing that it wasn’t that long ago that she had them tucked-together and up while inside my tummy. I’m glad she’s here, but I miss sharing that connection and those feet are a beautiful reminder.
  • The bald spot that makes me so paranoid that she spends too much time on her back. But its totally legit. Lots of babies have them, right?

Ok, now that I’m crying a little, I think I’ll go cuddle that tiny baby some more.

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