10 Easy Ways for Moms to Save Money

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It’s hard to save money when you have a new baby (aka brand-spankin’-new up to like when they get their first full-time job, I’m thinking).

Really, they’re like giant sucking blackholes of the budgety-goodness you’ve saved all your life. But moms can save some cash by doing some really small things–like these 10 Easy Ways For Moms To Save Money.

10 Easy Ways for Mom To Save Money

10 Easy Ways for Moms to Save Money

  1. Use baby wash rags (moistened, of course) instead of baby wipes. You can have them pre-moistened, ready to-go in a convenient tupperware next to the changing table. I don’t recommend this all the time, especially for poopy-plosions, but when it’s yellow…
  2. If baby wash rags don’t work for you–you can always use paper towels. They’re about half the cost of wipes (if you’re buying in bulk from Sam’s or Costco). And they work for the poopy-blow-outs. Just keep a roll ready nearby the baby-changing-pad. Easy.
  3. Make your own baby-food–after baby is ready (obviously). NOT like smoosh everything, making enough for a month and freezing it because that’s SOOOO hard and time consuming and I just can’t begin to tell you how only super-moms can pull this off and do a good job. What I really mean is to just take what you’re eating, make a small plate for baby and mush it up. At the table. That’s right. Easy, fast and cheap. My baby had tamales last night with rice–cost me nothing.
  4. When baby is older, use regular-people food instead of baby-food. There’s no reason to buy special oatmeal, cereal, or cookies for your toddler–Quaker makes a mean oatmeal, Kellogs make great cereals, and who doesn’t like a Lorna Duune? A box of Goldfish costs waaaay less than the baby crackers they sell in the baby aisle. Just pick up some saltines and give it a try. Baby will love it.
  5. Baby-proof using stuff you already own. I built a corral for baby using my sofas, a couple of unused dining room chairs and the walls. That keeps baby in a contained area, and I threw a big blue comforter (that no one likes to sleep with because it’s too heavy) over the fireplace. We didn’t have to buy a thing!10 super easy ways for moms to save money
  6. Cover your changing pad with a hand towel. No need to shell-out $20 to $30 for a fancy changing pad–just use a hand towel (or a regular one folded over). You’re inevitably going to get poopy all over the pad (unless you’re that super mom–see #3) and going to have to wash the cover 9 million times…towels are just more logical.
  7. Hit the baby/kid resell shop.You know these stores. They’re everywhere in those shopping centers, hidden between the seedy BBQ joint and the grocery store. But they have really good deals. I found a rocking-horse sheep (yes, it’s a sheep, but it’s a rocking-horse…kinda cool) for $18. Those things normally go for like $100 or more. Score!
  8. Give your kiddo toys that they really want–real stuff! My daughter loves bowls (plastic, of course) and she thinks plastic spoons are the coolest toy ever. Easy. Cheap. And kinda funny…little toddler running around with a shoe too small for her dangling from her mouth like a puppy…hilarious (if a little odd).
  9. Don’t buy a diaper bag or backpack–reuse a backpack from years past. Clean-up an old backpack. Like one of yours from college (you know you have one or two laying around). Nothing wrong with you hopping around a backpack instead of a diaper bag. And if you tell your tween that the backpack is retro…wow.
  10. Baby towels, baby washrags, and baby everything! Oh my! If they added the word “baby” to  the package, then they also added a couple of dollars to the price tag. I saw a package of 8 little baby washrags for $6 the other day! That’s almost a dollar a piece. That’s crazy. So, I cut up an old hand towel (who uses those for anything but the changing pad cover thing anyway….). And towels–I just use towels for baby-girl. I mean, really. Did she need the special hoodie thing? No. But, I did buy one. Just one. It was on clearance. And toooooo cute.

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