Hedbanz™ Electronic Friends and Family Game Night


Friend and Family Game Nights can be the funniest nights on the face of the earth. Seriously ya’ll! That night when all electronics are put in a basket to sit down and have a blast with family and friends. You know all those good little appetizers, board games, and laughter. You can also do dinner … Read more

How to Get Your Toddler to be More Independent

easy ways to get your toddler to be independent feature

To say I walk on eggshells with my babies is an understatement. It’s all because my first baby was in so very much pain–and I didn’t know what to do about it. As a result, we kind of cling to each other. This is not how I want her to grow-up though. We’ve solved her pain-problem (a … Read more

Ducky Tail Cupcakes

Duck Tail Cupcake Feature

  Ducky Tail Cupcakes Ingredients You can buy ready-to-use White Modeling Chocolate, or you can make your own, which is what I did. The Modeling Chocolate is not difficult to make, but you probably want to put it together a day or so before you’re ready to create the cupcakes–it needs to sit overnight before sculpting into Ducky Tails. I … Read more

Five Awesome, Free Activity Ideas to do with a 12-year old Boy

Sometimes, it’s really hard to think of something to do with a 12-year old boy, especially if you’re trying to find some way to connect with him. Let’s be honest, most boys aren’t interested in “connecting”–particularly with mom. But, I’ve found five ways to do just that with my son… Video-Game Day-Afternoon-Saturday Mornings. Ok. I … Read more