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Interested in working with Nerdy Mamma? We love collaborating and partnering with brands and providing our readers with meaningful content that our readers will love! Our posts contain interesting and original content that engages our audience and serves as a resource for traffic and exposure for years to come.

We currently offer the following types of sponsorship opportunities:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Recipe Development and Recipe Recreation
  • Food Photography
  • Unique Printables
  • Infographics
  • Parties and Tablescapes
  • Craft Development
  • Kids’ Activities Invention


We have readers in many different age groups and with many different interests but our most popular demographics are females between the age of 25-44. We reach an average of 165,000 unique visitors every month, and amass around 435,000 page views each month. While we attract readers from many countries around the world, more than 75% of our readership is located in the United States. 


Please contact Chantal at to see how we can collaborate! We look forward to working with you! 

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