Control Your Kids’ Screen Time

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Struggling to control your kids’ access and time spent using technology? THIS is the only tool you need! 

We live in a really digital world now! Ten years ago, to quiet our screaming toddler, we’d hand them their favorite toy. Today, we hand them an iPad! And that’s fine – in moderation.

The issue is that our children grow up with this access to technology – be it mommy’s phone, daddy’s tablet, or a device of their own – and before we know it, they’ve formed habits that can soon become detrimental if we don’t control it!

Spending too much time online. Stumbling on some not-so-suitable content. Accidentally sharing too much info and putting them in danger. These are all serious issues we may face when we give our kids this access. But what are we to do? Stop the technology completely? That’s nearly impossible!

Enter Circle!  A serious game changer for families with kids of ALL ages! But what can Circle do? Besides give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are totally safe, there’s a ton of super-great features!

1. Set filters for each device!
Your toddler won’t have access to the same apps as your teen! You can customize this to fit your family, or use the pre-designed filters.



2. Track how your family spends their time online!
Find that your teen spends too much time on Facebook? Does your toddler play that addicting game for hours on end? You can set limits on time spent on each app, website and device, and Circle will add up every minute spent, and notify you when the limit has been reached!

3. Put your devices to bed!
Want to prevent your 5-year-old from playing on the iPad all night? You can set the times that devices will “go to sleep” and “wake up”, giving you peace of mind that your kids are getting their sleep!

4. PAUSE the internet!
Yep, you read that right! Circle lets you press pause on the Internet on whatever devices you want, so dinner time is no longer a fight, and family time is made easier! How’s that for family bonding?

Take control of your family’s internet use – for their safety and for your own peace of mind – with Circle today!

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