Need Some Mommy “Me” Time?

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You’re stressed. Your boss is down your neck, the house is always a mess and your SO just doesn’t get it. Being a mom can be tough sometimes! We get it! And sometimes, the last thing you want to do is run around after your kids or find a way to keep them in check while you run to the grocery for five minutes. Does this make you a bad mother? Absolutely not! It makes you a normal one!

And that’s why Gymboree created Gymboree Play! With tons of classes for all different ages, Gymboree Play is a way for you and your kids to learn, grow and play together! And for the times when your hands are just a little too full, Gymboree Play’s School Skills program allows you to drop off the kids for a class, giving you some time to shop, get your hair done or just have a little bit of “me” time – no guilt added!

Being a member of Gymboree Play not only gives you access to all of their classes, but gives you 20% off all Gymboree brands, exclusive shopping events, special discounts and even free classes for any location worldwide.

Not only do you get some free time for yourself, but you get your kids active, having fun and using their minds – all without feeling like they’re learning a thing! Talk about a win/win, am I right? 

Thank you for sharing!