Say Goodbye to Grammar Mistakes

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How many times are you working on the web and typing in a hurry and then discover after that you made a typo? Ever crafted that perfect tweet and three favorites in you realize you spelled something completely off? Sent an email and realized your grammar was, in fact, atrocious but you can’t edit it. Wrote a Facebook comment and had to shamefully click edit several times til it was perfect?

Enter Grammarly. It’s a professional proofreading application that you can install in both your browser as a plugin/extension and on your desktop as an application. The app double checks your spelling, grammar and context in every web-based application. Even as I type now, a little red line comes up under some words or phrases, prompting me to correct them. And I do. That’s why this looks impeccable 😉


So now, when you’re sending those emails, tweeting or sharing a link on Facebook, your grammar and spelling are perfect. And for us bloggers, we no longer have to worry about ensuring everything is perfect because Grammarly does it for us. To and too, you’re and your, their and there. All of our silly mistakes are fixed in an instant.

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Grammarly even has a plugin for Microsoft Word, so formal documents are never filled with errors, because we know that their spell check doesn’t catch everything, we’ve all been burned a time or two!


Thank you for sharing!