Darth Vader Crayons – Easy Star Wars Crayons for Kids

Darth Vader Crayons

Making fun and easy Darth Vader Crayons is a fun allergy-friendly addition to a Valentines card or a great way to recycle crayons! Plus, having Star Wars crayons is cool. You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to procure Darth Vader Crayons. These easy Darth Vader shaped crayons are a DIY … Read more

Origami Butterfly – The Easiest and Best Way to Make It

I am always fascinated with origami. This Japanese art of paper folding is fun and rewarding. Just like when I made my first Beautiful Origami Butterfly. This craft may look difficult. But, it’s really not that complicated. The origami butterfly is actually very easy.  You will not get lost. The step by step instructions I have below … Read more

Valentines Mini Gum Ball Machines

Valentines Day Mini Gum Ball Machines

These Valentines Mini Gum Ball Machines are just the perfect craft for kiddos – and a great gift idea for school parties or ding-dong-ditch Valentines gifts! Love is in the air on Valentine’s Day. But it can be fun, too, especially for youngsters and young at hearts. Making a little something cute for a unique … Read more

Rainbow Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlights

Can’t get enough unicorns in your life? Good! Because here is my favorite mason jar craft: Rainbow Unicorn Mason Jar Nightlights! These DIY Nightlights are so cute. As soon as the fairy lights are turned on, that’s when the magic starts. Any kiddo is going to love them. They are perfect for a kids’ room, the … Read more

Butterbeer Whipped Soap Recipe – The Wizzard’s Soap

Butterbeer Whipped Soap

Expecto patronum! I just want to make sure that there are no Dementors lurking around because we are going to make some Butterbeer. Well, actually it’s not THE drink. This time, it’s going to be something we use in a bathroom. Accio Butterbeer Whipped Soap! Ooooh! How exciting! I tell you… his is no ordinary soap. This Butterbeer Whipped … Read more