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Milk and Honey Macarons


So, I hear you want to make some macarons. Fantastic! These Milk and Honey Macarons are a fantastic beginner recipe that's sure to please!

Let’s get started!

There is nothing mysterious about making macarons! Practice makes perfect!

6 Fast Rules For Making Macarons

01 Use fresh ingredients - even flour.

02 Break out your stand mixer.

03 Always weigh all your ingredients.

04 Allow the shells to dry well.

05 Mix to the ribbon stage. Every time.

06 Use a template for shells.

Yeast Package
Flour Bag
Flour Bowl

How to Make Honey and Milk Macarons

Start by making the shells.

Dry and Bake

Allow the shells to dry. Then bake and watch the magic "feet" appear.

Make Filling

Whatever you're going to fill with, go ahead and make it 

Sandwich and Enjoy

Put your cookies together and decorate!