Save in Style

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Shopping can be expensive. No matter what you go to pick up, there’s always something else calling your name, making that five minute Target run into a full-fledged credit card statement. And finding things that aren’t super common or that your friends don’t have can be next to impossible sometimes. So, we turn to online shopping for new and unique pieces.. the problem: the prices!

Enter Zulily. I’m sure you’ve seen an ad or two, but the moment I tried the website, there was no turning back. With daily “flash sales” for everything from clothes for me, the hubby and the kids, to household items and toys, electronics and more, it’s suddenly affordable to shop online. How? because Zulily’s prices are up to 70% off original selling prices, which means you can get more bang for your buck!

And they make it easy to shop! You can do it from your computer, or just download the smartphone or tablet app, and get notifications when new sales are happening, so you don’t miss out on any great deals. Buyer’s remorse works both ways!

Plus, share the love and share the website with friends, and you get a $15 thank you waiting for you to spend it. You’re gonna tell your friends and family about it anyway, so why not get paid to do so?

Running a household and family can be expensive, but thanks to Zulily there’s one less to worry about, and affordable clothes, shoes, decor and toys can be yours in just one click!

Thank you for sharing!