Why You Need Recylced Clothes – and Lularoe

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So, alright, here’s the thing. I am not the most ecologically conscious person. Sure, my husband owns a hybrid. But just because we’re uber-frugal and don’t want to spend money on gas if we don’t have to. It has nothing to do with the environment. We only just started recycling in the last year…we’re bad for the environment. But I think I’m turning a corner. Y’all, this is Why You Need Recycled Clothes – and Lularoe.


Did you know about the clothing industry and how it has changed in the last, say 30 years? How garments went from being hand-sewn to produced in a factory with machines? And the people went from being paid good wages to being treated like prisoners and being paid such terrible wages that–well, they might as well as not be paid?

And how, with the massive changes in clothing consumption (meaning, what happened when clothes got so cheap that we literally have more outfits than we have days in a year?!)–well, now there’s just piles and piles AND PILES of clothes that go into the landfills every day. That’s every day. Not every year–every day.


This is Why You Need Recycled Clothes – and Lularoe. This is why, with Lularoe’s dedication to partnering with Recover, providing high-quality workplaces, and manufacturing the clothing by hand…this is why it’s doing a little bit to save the world.

And I couldn’t be happier to be a part of it all. I mean, seriously–check out the video. The recycling of clothes is just genius.

Why You Need Recycled Clothes – and Lularoe

Recover & MyDyer from EPS Estudio Pep Sempere on Vimeo.



So, what are you waiting for? You know You Need Recycled Clothes – and Lularoe. I mean, they’re the comfiest leggings on the planet. What more could you really need?! LOL! Just drop me a line in the comment to let me know. OH! And don’t forget to checkout my Facebook Group – Lularoe – Nerdy Mamma’s Secret Stash. You’ll find all sorts of recycled clothes there.

Just pop on over to my Facebook group, Nerdy Mamma’s Secret Stash of Lularoe (just search for it if it doesn’t come up automatically). I’ll be selling these goodies, along with a lot of other cool clothes from Lularoe. Because it’s awesome.


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