Why My Little Pony Rocks for Girls–maybe…

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Twilight Sparkle Magic - My Little Pony CharacterFluttershy Kindness - My Little Pony CharacterApplejack Honesty - My Little Pony CharacterRainbow Dash Loyalty - My Little Pony CharacterRarity Generosity - My Little Pony CharacterPinkie Pie Laughter - My Little Pony Character         Pony Pics Provided by Hasbro

I thought My Little Pony was awesome. Really, I did. Smart, funny, quirky and a little nerdy (each in their own way), I was stoked when they released the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series. I was like “yippee! my kids can love what I loved back in the day!”

But then they came out with the Equestria Girls… What are little girls supposed to look up to now? Not the awesome-sauce ponies with obviously non-emaciated bodies? What?  Their supposed to look up to this?

                                                                         EquestriaGirl Pic of Twilight Sparkle provided by Hasbro, too.

How is this any different than Barbie? Or Jem (yes, I’m showing my age)? Why must we all be fixated on skinny, long-legged, big-eyed girls? Because, really, that’s not even anatomically-possible…Admittedly, the ponies/girls are still awesomely nerdy, funny and have great attitudes. But for girls that aren’t made of sticks…wow.

I just don’t know what to think. Should I still love a My Little Pony-athon with my daughter? Or should I steer clear and try for better examples of self-image? What’s a mom to do?!

BTW…Pinkie Pie is still my favorite. I can’t help myself–she assaults with cake! Who doesn’t love that!?

Thank you for sharing!

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