4 Simple Rules for a Juicy Turkey Every Time!

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, which is one of my FAVORITE holidays ever! I mean, the food. Seriously, I don’t even need a second reason. Turkey, stuffing, AND mashed potatoes? Sign me up! But the absolute worst thing on Thanksgiving is a turkey that is too dry to eat. Thankfully with these 4 simple rules for a juicy turkey every time, you’ll never have to suffer through a dry turkey again!

4 Simple Rules for a Juicy Turkey Every Time!

I’m serious, dry turkeys just make my heart sad. I remember ruining my first solo-turkey, and it was devastating. My whole family was a good sport and suffered through it, but we needed lots of wine to water that bad boy down! I sure wish I had these rules for a juicy turkey back then!

Juicy Turkey Rule 1:

Do NOT baste the turkey. This actually contrary to popular belief basting completely dries out the turkey. Seriously Y’all! The trick to this is instead of basting stuff margarine or butter all under the skin of the turkey. The better and the more gravy you will end up with. Add herbs to the butter for more distinct flavoring. Onions and bacon can also help to keep the turkey moist as it slowly cooks.


Juicy Turkey Rule #2:

Don’t open and close the oven! This allows the heat out of the oven causing the turkey to take longer to cook. Letting the heat out can also dry out the turkey. Stuff that bird with plenty of butter, onions, and herbs. Slow roast to overnight. Sure! A peek here or there isn’t going to hurt because after all we have to check on the turkey but remember the more times you mess with the bird the dryer it will turn out.


Juicy Turkey Rule #3:

Brine a turkey first before cooking it. You can brine a turkey with a salt-water solution which absorbs both the salt and the water allowing it to add moisture. It will help season the turkey, too, so two birds-one stone. (Get it? Turkey… Birds!?!)


Juicy Turkey Rule #4:

The last rule for a juicy turkey is to let the turkey sit for a few minutes up to 10 minutes depending on the size of your turkey before cutting. I know, I know, you’re dying to eat because you’ve been smelling turkey for hours, but trust me! The juices when cooking tend to go to the center of the bird but allowing it to rest when it comes out of the oven allows the juices to flow back to other areas. Just make the gravy while you’re waiting!


We hope that Y’all put these tips to good use and have a wonderful tasty turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner! Seriously, don’t let your turkey dry out. Everyone will eat it, but they’ll be sad! Just follow these 4 simple rules for a juicy turkey and actually enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday. You’ll be thankful for me! Ha! Oh, and you don’t want to forget one of these awesome rules, so make sure you pin this post so you can check back every year!

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