Mud Pie Play Dough Recipe

mud pie play dough recipe feature

Desperate times, my friends, desperate times. I had a toddler that was bored, the internet was out (meaning no Netflix) and the plethora of toys at hand were somehow not meeting her needs. But I had to cook dinner. There were people coming. And I’d promised steak, potatoes, and an apple pie. Not an easy … Read more

Lemon Play Dough Recipe

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I’m whipping-together a fun play invitation the other day and had to pull the train over. There was no yellow play dough in my house (incidentally, this also happened with flesh-colored play dough, oddly enough). I’m way to lazy to head to the store and although lemon is not my favorite scent (that’s watermelon) or … Read more

Ducky Tail Cupcakes

Duck Tail Cupcake Feature

  Ducky Tail Cupcakes Ingredients You can buy ready-to-use White Modeling Chocolate, or you can make your own, which is what I did. The Modeling Chocolate is not difficult to make, but you probably want to put it together a day or so before you’re ready to create the cupcakes–it needs to sit overnight before sculpting into Ducky Tails. I … Read more

Baby and Toddler-Friendly, Super-cool Fall Festivals You Can’t Miss

Its so hard to find an awesome weekend activity that is as cool for mom and dad as it is for the toddler of the family (don’t get me started on finding something that the 12-year old boy will enjoy…there seems to be a case of everything-is-lameness going around right now). But, we’re all in … Read more

Eating-out with a 1-year old with allergies

There’s only one way to say it: eating out with a 1-years old sucks–especially if she has food allergies. Except at some restaurants, five of which I have found to be absolutely spectacular. So get your diaper bag ready and head over to one of these places for a nice dinner, lunch or just a … Read more